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Alec Vanthournout is an independent composer who experiments in various genres.

Into the Dream is an attempt at psychedelic, progressive rock songwriting.

Involver consists of many short and frenetic compositions, without a lot of structure.

Muto contains five sedate instrumentals in varying modes.

Aurora Mortis is two long songs juxtaposing composition and noise: Blue is primarily noise with touches of composition, while Black is primarily composed with a free/noise interlude.

Canto Delle Balene Dallo Spazio contains only three songs of about an hour each; spacey and sweeping ambient.

21st Century Schizerazade is an album made of songs that didn't fit in anywhere else, constructed in a way almost resembling a concept. Composed primarily of ambient tracks and songwriting experiments, with an alternate version of Aurora Mortis' Black.

Nagan is the story of the end of the world, told through electronic noise and occasional tones.

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