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Aldious is an all female metal band from Japan.

Rami (vocal) and Yoshi (guitar) first got together in Osaka, Japan in June 2008.
The two then started playing shows around the Kansai area.
In January 2009, Toki (guitar) joined the band.

That November, the band made their first recording as Aldious,
a four song EP titled "Dear Slave", which they self-released to great success,
selling out at metal record shops everywhere.

In January 2010, Aruto (drums) joined the group,
followed by original member Sawa (bass) in March, which completes the current lineup.
At the same time, the band joined in the female metal label "Bright Star Records".

The band signed a contract with Spinning Inc. as the label's first Japanese artist.
The band will release their debut single "Defended Desire" in July 2010.

In June 2012, Rami (vocals) left the band due to health concerns. Then in August 2012, it was announced the KERA model Re:NO would be the new vocalist for the band.

In September 2014, Aruto (drums) announced that she would leave the band and the music industry in pursue of a married life. She said that she had a hard time balancing both being in an active band and taking care of her family. She officially left in November the same year. As of January 2015, no new drummer has been announced.

Vocals: Re:NO (2012 - )
Guitar: Yoshi (2008 - )
Guitar: トキ (Toki) (2009 - )
Bass: サワ (Sawa) (2010 - )

Former Members:
Guitar: 髏姫 (Ruki) (2008)
Bass: 風 (Kaze) (2009)
Vocals: Rami (2008–2012) (Currently in Raglaia)
Drums: Aruto (2010–2014)

2008.11.15 THE RED HOT BURNING HELL vol.16 (omnibus)
2009.11.07 Dear Slave (maxi single)
2010.07.07 Defended Desire (maxi single)
2010.10.13 Deep Exceed (album)
2011.04.06 Mermaid (maxi single)
2011.10.12 Determination (album)
2012.05.16 Determination Tour 2011~Live at Shibuya O-EAST~ (live dvd)
2012.11.14 White Crow (maxi single)
2013.05.15 District Zero (album)
2013.10.09 Dominator/I Don't Like Me (single)
2014.05.14 Other World (single)
2014.06.18 Dazed and Delight
2015.02.11 Live Tour 2014 "Dazed and Delight"~Live at Club Citta'~


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