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Alcest is a post-black metal band formed in Bagnols Sur Cèze, Languedoc-Roussillon, France in 2000.
Formed by French multi-instrumentalist Neige (who has also worked with Amesoeurs, Mortifera, Lantlôs, Peste Noire, and more).

Alcest was originally conceived as a solo project, though it would eventually take on the form of a full band as Aegnor (also of Peste Noire) and Argoth joined the fray and released a four-track…

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  • More than just perfect!
  • Perfect, just perfect.
  • Very exceptional. Quite interesting mixture of black metal and shoegaze. Untill now I refuse to listen to up to date shoegaze bands but this has changed my mind
  • Very excited about the new album :) Thanks for the info Palingenesia.
  • Shelter grew up on me after a while. I have no particular problems with it, although lack of black metal elements is quiet disappointing overall, so after Shelter I always go back to earlier records. Les Voyages, in my opinion, was the best blend between black metal and shoegaze. They need to write next record in that direction again.
  • A lot of their fans who did not like the previous album, will surely appreciate what Neige has declared in this interview concerning Shelter. "It’s very mellow, and I think we have enough mellow songs now, so the next one will be a bit harder." http://metalassault.com/Interviews/2015/11/09/alcest-mainman-neige-discusses-touring-shelter-more/
  • New album in sight! That's an awesome info man! :D
  • "While Shelter was very bright and airy, conveying the idea of being by the sea, enjoying the weather and feeling happy and serene, the new album is more like a reaction to the modern world and how we have become so self-centred that we have completely forgotten about our relationship with Nature. I see it almost like the voice of Nature who wants to take its revenge on us, on how we are treating it. We are so confident that we can control everything around us but, you know, we could disappear in an instant… As always, the album is being written with a very spiritual approach: let’s say that it is just a different side of Alcest’s spirituality."
  • "I can tell you that it will be very different from Shelter, in fact it will differ from anything we have done before… For a start, it will be more rhythmical. With Alcest rhythm has always come second, as we have always given melody top priority. This time we wanted to try something different, more organic and “catchy” and it will surprise a lot of people for sure. It will have a Japanese theme: a sad, dark even, overall mood inspired by Japanese cinema, something I have been in love with for a long time, and this is a way to pay tribute to it. It’s a subtle influence, so don’t expect the album to sound oriental or anything like that: there are small hints here and there, which touch on things that mean a lot to me. I am very excited about it!"
  • New album being recorded in January :D

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