• Best of 2007

    14 Jan 2008, 01:59 by sharevari

    And there goes another year in which I've totally failed to get into the sounds of today.

    The top 100 songs I listened to in 2007

    1. G.A.N.G. - KKK (Club Mix) (1983)
    Another year, another best of and yet again, a track from 1983 made by an acronym from Italy takes the top spot! It was even harder this time to pick the number one, but in the end this sublime gem of floaty electronic disco won out. It's just perfect, there isn't a single element that could be improved. My favourite bit is the bell-like sequence that first makes an appearance at 1:33. It's anyone's guess why it's named KKK, as the sounds emanating from the speakers are as far from cross-burning dimwits as you could possibly get. As per usual with this sort of stuff, there is virtually no info around about the people who made it or where it came from. But there's a spot-on comment by a user named restless on its Discogs page that nicely summarises the mood of the piece: "Too slow to really dance to it, too floating to be a radio hit…
  • Music that happened this year

    28 Dec 2007, 19:11 by arjesh

    Inspired by a question Z-soldier asked me, I have decided to list out the songs and albums that happened to me this year. These weren't necessarily released this year - they just entered my life properly this year.

    To help me get started, I am just going to list the track/albums. Then later I'll add specific comments to the entries. Mostly this is going to be an unsorted list.

    Track of the year:
    Where is home? (Burial Mix) - Bloc Party

    - I think I saw this track on Z-soldier's page. It is a good demonstration of Burial's brilliance. The Bloc Party original is frankly not at all exciting while this remix is sheer melancholic brilliance. Burial at his best! I also really liked the whole `Untrue' album, with the following being standout tracks:
    Archangel, Etched Headplate

    Other Tracks:

    1. Belize - Anja Schneider
    2. Outta Sight - Osborne
    1&2 both have a real summer vibe about them. Warm fun techno at its best. I checked them out after reading Philip Sherburne's this month in techno list.
  • Mix: A Tribute to Nicolosi

    15 Oct 2007, 20:39 by sharevari

    Ever since my early noughties rediscovery of italo disco, I've been a massive fan of the first three Valerie Dore singles and their unique melancholic and string-laden swooning sound. I never bothered to dig deeper however, apart from tracking down everything else with Dore's name on it; only to discover it was pretty rubbish (from Lancelot onwards).

    But recently I stumbled upon a few other tracks that shared the same sound and the same bittersweet harmonies, one of them was Only Music Survives by Alba, another was Your Mind by Angie Care. And through some Discogs browsing and email conversations with Johan Agebjörn (of Sally Shapiro fame), I suddenly realised that all these productions had a common link in a team of song writers and producers all sharing the surname of Nicolosi. It even turns out they're behind quite a few other italo favourites of mine that I previously had not thought related! Just a Story by Mike Rogers, Funky Is On by Funky Family and Distant Planet by The Voyagers being the most noteworthy.
  • The story behind Valerie Dore

    8 Oct 2007, 20:50 by johanagebjorn
    Monika Valerie Dore Stucchi

    Valerie Dore is not the name of an italo disco singer. It's the name of an italo disco project involving two different female singers and a big number of producers and song-writers. In this journal I will try to summarize what I know about this, and also point out a few unanswered questions that I have. Feel free to correct and add information by writing a comment.

    It all began with the group Novecento, consisting of the lead singer Dora Carofiglio and the three siblings Nicola Lino Nicolosi, Pino Nicolosi and Rossana Nicolosi. The Nicolosis had met Dora already in 1977. This group put out their debut singles and LP in 1984 but the great international success came when the Pino & Lino brothers put together the track The Night with Dora on lead vocals. The Night was written by a fourth (?) sibling - Giuseppe Nicolosi - together with Barbara Addoms, but was according to the sleeve arranged by the Pino…