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Alan Watt is a long-term researcher into the causative forces behind major changes in historical development. Born in Scotland, he watched the subtleties of politics and media as they guided the population of the U.K.covertly into a "European Amalgamation."

He has been warning the North American people for some years now that the same process of amalgamation is being carried out. With historical documentation, he details how cultures are created and altered by those… read more

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  • lol
  • "Hi folks. Donate now. Or I'll kill you"
  • We’ve been given a fake reality to make us naive & complacent servants. Most people think they are informed, but we don’t know our history at all.
  • Listen to his old shows, he repeats his data & understanding a lot but his big discoveries last through time. He predicted iraq & afghan wars. Iran war is next and it will become true. You just have to keep listening. His books are great and help you think of the world in a different way.
  • + 1 Logically. Most people won’t get any real understanding on Alan Watt. You have to grow up and listen to this with a real open mind, you might cry from or doubt the data, but it is true. The technology we see & use is mínimum 10 years old..
  • Also, it seems you get touchy when people talk about topics such as HAARP. Sure it may be an assumption to believe one day down the road this technology will be put into place for usage on a global scale. But is it honestly that bad to ask questions and demand reasoning for such technologies? Sure it may seem crazy, but you must realize we have been conditioned to label an idea as absurd if it doesn't go along with what we have been taught in school for a reason. As for mind control, it certainly sounds 'crazy' to most, I did to me. Although I honestly don't put much attention into the topic because there is much more important things to discuss, the technology is still capable. Research the topic, the experiments done, the research papers written, the books, the speeches if you want to get into these peoples minds. What would it take for you to realize this tech exists? Proof of military mind control tests? Or would you still deny, deny, deny until it's clear as day?
  • Sure 'some' of the small points he includes in his talks such as HAARP being used on humans seems somewhat extreme for most folks. Which honestly, out of the hundreds upon hundreds of talks I have heard, I've heard him speak of this very sparingly. When he does, he doesn't come off as radical to me, he simply gets basic facts out about the program and what it (according to it's creators/several tests) is capable of doing. I'm sure you understand where they are wanting to take us and the immoral(moral to them) techniques they aren't ashamed to use. This is where you are confusing an average persons thinking patterns with a psychopaths. Rights, liberty, justice, and those type of things aren't as important as control, power, greed and profit. A collectivist, tidy, obeying culture is what they are after and having the ability to control your thought process is way overboard in my opinion. But then again, we are in a technocracy.
  • sul88 - Don't presume you know anything about what's in my skull, "bro." To pull an apt quote straight from Alan's website, "Oh, foolish man, what can you not be made to believe?" - Adam Weishaupt. Seriously, I think Alan has some really good points, but when he starts talking about satellites that can burn a pinhole through you from space (that's not how physics works) or ones that can control your brain (what the previous parentheses said)...well, I tend to tune those bits out. Moral of the story? Chill.
  • benchilada, what of Alans work do you consider 'crazy'? Feel free to enlighten us on your brighter mind. Is it crazy because you have never came across it or researched yourself? Most of these issues and facts are not covered by mainstream media, not because they are not valid, but due to the fact media is controlled by a handful of corporations and are lobbied to drive certain agendas. Some of his stuff does seem repetitive, most he repeats on purpose to get a point through to listeners. Besides, Alan doesn't ask you to believe everything he says, he tells you to read the books he quotes and study the background yourself. Until you spend the time to achieve an understanding of the system, it will remain a mystery and most will only follow others instead of making their own path.
  • You've got to wade through a lot of crazy, but there are some valuable things that he presents. He covers the same ground a lot, but if you rummage through the repetition and the absolutely bizarre stuff, you can find some real gems. Also be prepared to turn up your very-occasional-homophobia and anti-abortion resistance. Still, who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory or 40?

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