• Where Blues Began & Prison Songs: Alan Lomax Tribute

    24 Dec 2011, 16:01 by CortezZuma

    Fri 23 Dec – A Tribute To Alan Lomax

    Cultuurcentrum Mechelen zette vrijdag 23 december Alan Lomax en zijn exploratie naar folk en blues in de kijker. Op de Alan Lomax Tribute-avond in de Stadsschouwburg bij Cultuurcentrum Mechelen stonden DJ Blue Flamingo, The Golden Glows én Roland geprogrammeerd...

    Met een verdienstelijke poging van The Golden Glows met de 'Prison Songs', zoals opgetekend door Lomax, een wel héél interessante documentaire over Lomax' zoektocht naar de sporen van de Blues (The Land Where Blues Began, de leuke interventies en DJ Set van Dj Blue Flamingo met zijn 78-toeren platen én in het bijzonder een heel erg goed, maar véél te kort optreden van dé ROLAND !!

    Leuk om klassiekers zoals Gallows Pole, Where Did You Sleep At Night, Goodnight Irene, Midnight Special en zoveel meer Leadbelly-songs te horen bij monde van de enige echte Roland Van Campenhout ...

    Roland, DJ Blue Flamingo, The Golden Glows, Alan Lomax
  • Dandelion Radio - January 2011 shows

    1 Jan 2011, 11:33 by DandelionRadio

    Festive 50:
    Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs count down through the best 50 tracks from 2010, as voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio. Mark Cunliffe, Paul Ackroyd, Matt Gunn, Ste, Rocker, Mark Whitby, Pete Jackson, and Andy take it in turns to reveal the chart in reverse order, with Rachael Neiman announcing this year's winner!
    To try to keep the suspense in the countdown, the track info is not shown until a few seconds before each song finishes. The show is repeated every day (at different times) until the end of January so if you join in somewhere in the middle, do come back and hear the rest.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's 3-hour January show features his favourite tracks and acts from the last twelve months, with another chance to hear some of the very best session recordings from his shows in 2010 – including Ghost Society, Errors, Cygnus X-1, Spiral Into The Storm, The Horn the Hunt, Block 45, SWATHES and Red Cosmos. …
  • Dandelion Radio - December 2010 shows

    30 Nov 2010, 22:56 by DandelionRadio

    Festive 50:
    Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late broadcaster John Peel in 1976, an assortment of our DJs will be counting down through the best 50 tracks from 2010, as voted for by listeners to Dandelion Radio, with Rachael Neiman announcing this year's winner!
    The show will broadcast daily (at different times) from Christmas Day until the end of January.

    Festive Fifty Build Up Show:
    Join a selection of Dandelion Radio DJs on Christmas Eve for this one-off, Festive Fifty Build-Up show. DJs will introduce some of their picks of 2010 that didn't make it into this year's listeners' poll, while warming up for the first play of 2010's results at midnight on Christmas morning.

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy has a very special 3-hour show with three guests to round off the year: a spoken word session from The Orch; a second session for the show from Raw Milk (featuring two extraordinary cover versions); and an exclusive mix of material by High Frequency Bandwidth, the new project by Alex Patterson from The Orb and Dom Beken. …
  • Nick Cave's Jukebox again & His drunken sing-a-long with David McComb + extras

    4 Oct 2009, 14:50 by BlackCoffeeDuck

    Nick Cave's Jukebox again
    Another CD set of songs which have inspired Nick Cave over the years is going on the market. This is the third this year and the fifth overall. The first two were Original Seeds way back in 1998 and the follow up Original Seeds, Volume 2 in 2004. I would rate the first Original Seeds very highly just because there was nothing like it before but now that is very different.
    Original Seeds - Track listing:
    1. Tim Rose - Long Time Man
    2. Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Cat Man
    3. Leonard Cohen - Avalanche
    4. Karen Dalton - Katie Cruel
    5. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Hammer Song
    6. Tom Jones - Weeping Annaleah
    7. The Loved Ones - Sad Dark Eyes
    8. Scott Walker - The Big Hurt
    9. John Lee Hooker - Tupelo Blues
    10. Lefty Frizzell - The Long Black Veil
    11. Johnny Cash - The Folk Singer
    12. Odetta - Another Man Done Gone
  • Traditional Folk Songs Turned into Rock Hits

    8 Aug 2009, 02:41 by carmenism

    A bit of a work in progress - if I can think of more examples of traditional folk songs making it big when redone in the style of rock, then I'll add them as I think of them.

    The House of the Rising Sun as done by The Animals in 1964
    This American folk ballad has been covered numerous times, but the version by the Animals received the most commercial success. This version - which made number one in both the US and the UK - is considered to be the quite revolutionary as the "first folk rock" song. The Animals first heard the song as done by a singer named Johnny Handle and recorded it in one take. Despite rumors to the contrary, the Bob Dylan version was not inspired by the Animals version, as Dylan had recorded this song in 1961. The song had in fact been recorded dozens of times before Dylan and perhaps owes its preservation to Alan Lomax. Lomax, who was a curator for the Archive of American Folk Song for the Library of Congress…
  • Folk Tales No.2

    31 Mar 2008, 18:16 by Thelonious9

    Sat 29 Mar – Shirley Collins

    Shirley Collins’s book America Over The Water recounts her time travelling through the southern states of the US with Alan Lomax in the late ‘50s making field recordings of local musicians. It’s a fascinating book but the show – basically an illustrated lecture, though way more exciting than that sounds – really brings it to life. The show is a celebration of Lomax and, crucially, of the great singers and musicians he encountered – admittedly not people I knew well previously but I’ll be seeking out Texas Gladden, Mississippi Fred McDowell and the rest in the coming weeks. The fact that I’m able to do so is thanks almost entirely to Lomax’s (and Shirley’s) diligence, capturing their music on a prototype portable tape recorder (one of only two in the world at the time). The old recordings sounded fantastic through the Purcell Room sound system, the photos of the South in the ‘50s were eerie and humbling and some of the more animated characters – the…
  • Moby - Disco Lies

    5 Mar 2008, 21:04 by astrolabe1976

    WOW! Moby is making real dance music again with his new track Disco Lies! He's not singing!(only whispering) Nor is he raiding Alan Lomaxes library for samples!

    (well i guess New York, New York with Debbie Harry was the true beginning)

    And its good! Not earth shattering, but a good solid tune. Welcome back Moby!
  • My 25 Favorite CDs of 2007

    30 Dec 2007, 09:38 by Mozo78

    I had a great time discovering and listening to music in 2007. An excellent crop of new records were released in the past twelve months, and with the guidance of so many new information sources -- music blogs, editorially-heavy web merchants like emusic and, and especially my valued friends on -- I was inundated with new material all year long.

    Here's my list of the records that provided the greatest listening thrills in 2007:

    1.Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha

    After much anticipation, I was immediately impressed by this record when it arrived last March. Although the opening five-track sequence of its predecessor Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs was simply impossible to outshine, this record struck me as more consistently great from start to finish, with so many splendid sonic flourishes and fantastic songs. There are so many textural and melodic details in the music (filled by Bird's trademark fiddle…
  • Woody Guthrie - The Ash Recordings (volume 1) (1997)

    19 Aug 2007, 21:21 by L_T_B

    In the squares of the city, in the shadow of a steeple;
    By the relief office, I'd seen my people.
    As they stood there hungry, I stood there asking,
    Is this land made for you and me?

    As I went walking, I saw a sign there,
    And on the sign there, It said “no trespassing”
    But on the other side, it didn't say nothing!
    That side was made for you and me.

    Dit zijn de laatste twee coupletten van het wereldberoemde "This Land Is Your Land". Deze twee coupletten komen echter maar in weinig covers van dit nummer terug. In de meeste covers wordt dit nummer misbruikt als een patriottistisch manifest en worden de laatste twee coupletten achterwege gelaten. Zo gebruikte George W. Bush de alternatieve versie van dit nummer als zijn lijflied tijdens de verkiezingen. Dit is zeer opmerkelijk omdat "This Land Is Your Land" geschreven is door Guthrie als reactie op Irving Berlin’s "God Bless America", een nummer doordrenkt van vaderlandsliefde. …