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Alan Lomax (January 31, 1915 – July 19, 2002) was an important American folklorist and . He was one of the great field collectors of folk music of the 20th century, recording thousands of songs in the United States, Great Britain, the West Indies, Italy, and Spain.

Lomax was son of pioneering musicologist and folklorist John Lomax, with whom he started his career by recording songs sung by prisoners in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. He attended The Choate School in Wallingford… read more

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  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    memristor & sub-realist please know what is being talked about before commenting. This is not at all about tagging rather this is about what value is being used within the Artist tag that is being scrobbled. So maybe if you actually knew what you're talking about, then you might have something relevant to say. Try it again.
  • Avatar for b_typewriters
    perhaps the most integral figure in 20th century music was not John Lennon, not Buddy Holly, not Mick Jagger - it was Alan Lomax
  • Avatar for sub-realist
    Really, at the end of the day, who gives a shit what its tagged under. Its really not important, one way or the other. maybe if you're talking about who gets credit for it, then you might have an argument.
  • Avatar for Bizmuto
    do caralho!
  • Avatar for memristor
    Well now lastfm made it impossible to tag [Unknown] anyway from my understanding so... :'(
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    "Artist" can mean many things. It can either mean the composer of music (used primarly for classical music), it can mean the performer (most popular music), the bandleader of the performers (Jazz music: Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Miles Davis,...), the producer (mostly used for electronic music). But somehow people seem to have a problem with using the recorder or ethnomusicologist as the "artist" when nothing else is known. So people tend to use the most generic option they can find like "unknown" or "traditional". At least with the Alan Lomax tag you'll get an artist page with relevant genre tags and similar artist. I dare you to go the "unknown" artist page and find anything relevant there.... So yeah....stupid like I said. Very weird indeed huh?
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    Paszt consider this...what would be more relevant as a tag? "Unknown" or "traditional" which can refer to much more types of music (or artsist/composers) or "Alan Lomax" which still is alot more relevant to the music then those other options. It's kinda the same discussion where people like to tag the performer of classical music instead of the composer. So you have "London Symphony Orchestra" instead of Mozart. Tagging it like that doesn't tell you much about the music. Just like "traditional" and especially "unknown" doesn't tell you much about the Lomax rexordings either, at least the tag "Alan Lomax" tells you something. Now do you understand the stupidity of using "unknown" as a tag?
  • Avatar for Paszt
    So tagging an unknown artist as unknown is stupid? What a weird definition of stupid you have jazz thieve. I wouldn't call incorrectly tagging an unknown song artist with Alan Lomax stupid, I'd just call it wrong, or incorrect. And do you see the hypocrisy in your post telling people to stop complaining about this when the other comments are rather old? By the way, a lot of these songs would be better attributed with Traditional since they pre-date any written or recorded version.
  • Avatar for jazzthieve
    For lots of recordings by alan the artist is unknown so I much rather prefer to tag it as 'alan lomax" instead of "unknown" or "unknown artist" those are stupid tags. So stop complaining about this.
  • Avatar for Metaknite
    dang homie - everybody check out The Spanish Recordings: Aragon & Valencia

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