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  • southmaui

    maui style, just relax and watch the magical sunset

    23 days ago
  • retroguy

    Stands the test of time. If it wasn't for the sax, it wouldn't sound all that dated.

    May 2014
  • technozenexp

    time passes - its ok - song is always great

    May 2014
  • ZinaDS

    timeless song, just wonderful to lean back and relax.... and smile

    May 2014
  • rickenbackeriff

    luv that sax

    April 2014
  • evanisreallyok

    Fab track!!

    March 2014
  • sidney_adv

    Gosto muito!

    February 2014
  • frearson10

    Al Stewart has his place in music history, definitely!

    February 2014
  • alspiers

    Haven't heard this for ages...now where are my old LP's?

    January 2014
  • denfran61

    Never gets old.

    January 2014
  • sharv11

    Yeah, a great one for all time...

    January 2014
  • pi4630

    Epic song this is.

    December 2013
  • scavcio

    al stewart , best songs , solos guitar , sax , is someone have the sheet music incleded the sols parts .

    December 2013
  • StratkatBlue

    Timeless classic.

    December 2013
  • wb7777

    Al Stewart + Alan Parsons = PURE GOLD

    July 2013
  • technozenexp

    he tells a great story with music

    July 2013
  • IMansonsBitch

    I like this song

    July 2013
  • Sam_Paine


    May 2013
  • rickenbackeriff

    One of his best, it can stay with you for days.

    May 2013
  • renospur

    Remember when .....

    January 2013
  • NitaD1

    Nice, very nice

    November 2012
  • Eye_Gore

    This song takes me back to better times. It's been awhile since I last heard it.

    August 2012
  • noracs

    Great Sax solo!

    August 2012
  • bossmark1

    This is Groovy

    July 2012
  • bay360

    remembered what theme song this was, quantum leap. like the song, loved the show.

    July 2012
  • Leathamarie

    So glad I came of age during the Golden Age of AM radio. It's made me appropriately tender-hearted and sappy and stuff.

    June 2012
  • Musik-Heart

    June 2012
  • BlueOclock


    May 2012
  • escarabat94


    April 2012
  • sirthorty

    not my fav one....it´s ok

    March 2012

    B E S T !!!

    February 2012
  • oldiesfanjohn

    Al`s best song

    February 2012
  • lisabemine

    Beautiful song.

    January 2012
  • Angelina56

    Al is so very romantic. Being a fellow " Virgoan" he is sensitive, kind...... and very precise in his delivery of his songs. We are supposed to be perfectionists. Maybe in my case some time ago...... !!! Please buy me that last ticket on the last train home....... My love.XXxxXX. P.S. What gentlemen. He & Thee.

    December 2011
  • bossmark


    October 2011
  • Nils-erik_mulle


    September 2011
  • oldiesfanjohn

    peteway......i have a friend that is big in the grocery business ...he says they play this light fare like this and -everybody plays the fool etc ....over the stores speakers so people hear it and feel guilty about maybe shoplifting...true story

    September 2011
  • kanokeno

    Beautiful song forever.........................

    August 2011
  • kanokeno

    Es una de mis canciones favoritas desde mi juventud

    August 2011
  • coolhotrodder

    cool tune

    July 2011
  • sambaman63

    always loved the track, somebody who knows how to write lyrics and music

    June 2011

    Heard this at the grocery the other day.

    May 2011
  • BooTheGhost

    One of Al's worst songs. He even admits it himself, it was just some shitty elevator music his record company forced him to make because they wanted him to have another hit like Year of the Cat. Even he hates it.

    March 2011
  • jetgar


    February 2011
  • JohnnyMo1961

    A girl comes towards you, you once used to know, you reach out your hand, but your all alone. Classic

    January 2011
  • tideghost

    Alan Parsons, who produced this album, also engineered Pink Floyd's "Dark Side Of The Moon"...

    November 2010
  • ohh1972

    Lots of love for this song.

    November 2010
  • charlieismydarl

    Classic. Buy me a ticket please.

    October 2010
  • condoc

    beginning to flow...... :)

    September 2010
  • crazykaz02

    Great song buy me a ticket !!!!!

    September 2010