• NoCo at the State Theatre

    13 Jul 2008, 02:01 by mattbrundage

    Fri 11 Jul – The Speaks, Red Shift, The Blackjacks, NOCO

    No Compromise played the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA last night and the relatively high quality of the venue’s PA system really “opened up” Noco’s sound, as if a layer of dust had been squeegeed off. The trio fit in quite nicely alongside unsigned Massachusetts group Red Shift and established local band The Blackjacks. Again, Jack Kwait-Blank’s versatile guitar work anchored the performance — at times channeling Billy Corgan, at other times even Dave Grohl or Al Pitrelli — sometimes all within the same song. William Bowen pounded the drums with a style that, for some reason, reminded me of Slowhand. The sticks appeared to be hitting the skins just in the nick of time. Thrilling to watch, to say the least. Bassist and lead singer Justin Fry was energetic and employed fuzz effects at times, essentially playing rhythm during Kwait-Blank’s solos. Or perhaps it was just my imagination.
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra gig report, December 6th, 2006 from Seattle, Washington

    9 Dec 2006, 20:42 by Kanixtant

    Gig report!

    Things you should know:

    Paul O'Neill = Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra producer/lyricist, and also one of the people who came up with the concept of TSO.

    Night Castle = the next TSO album, which has been in development since 2003/2004. Not a Christmas album.

    When they tour, TSO divide themselves into two groups, TSO East and TSO West, which cover their respective sides of the United States.

    The show started around 7:45, to a packed arena. They opened with Wizards In Winter, as usual, then moved into the Christmas Eve and Other Stories album, then the second half of the show which was more eclectic.

    I've read people say TSO West is more laid back, more theater-style than TSO East, but honestly, there wasn't much of a difference. The audience around me were mostly people my age (young 20s), so we were screaming our lungs and raising our fists at every flare of pyro. Al [Pitrelli, guitar], Tony Farese (vocals/guitar) and Angus [Clark, guitar] all played to the crowd wonderfully…
  • 4 Concerts

    11 Apr 2006, 21:53 by darojasp

    In my life I've been only in tree concerts of great artist, maybe because no one comes to my country or wathever reason. There was another great one but this one was free. The artist where Megadeth, Robi Draco Rosa,Dream Theater, and Jamiroquai. Personally I found Dream Theater the best of all those concerts. Specially because they're my favorite band. And it was awssome. Those guys are really musicians. The only thing I dind't like was the fact that this concert was supposed to be the 20th aniversary tour. But in fact it seemed more like another Octavarium presentation playing almost the whole album but leaving behind some great music as The Ytse Jam.

    The second of this ones would be Megadeth. This one was a great presentation, despite the fact that Marty Friedman left the band three weeks before the presentation. And no matter how well/bad was Al Pitrelli. Anyway I was really close to them. The played their best songs and the play their great covers of Paranoid and Anarchy In The USA. A great one.