• Город-мечта

    3 Nov 2007, 20:05 by Silitra

    Многое бы отдал за прогулку по этому городу.Null Moon
  • Soothing

    17 Apr 2006, 20:42 by Denoria

    Null Moon is a really nice, soothing song. It inspired me to write a story.
  • A Melancholic Masterpiece

    9 Aug 2005, 21:43 by Supersonic1425

    It's hard to describe my love affair with Silent Hill 2 Original Soundtracks, but I'll try. The care and dedication that Akira Yamaoka put into the music, just as the rest of the team did in the rest of the game, really shows. The powerful emotions you feel are unprecedented in comparison to the previous Silent Hill soundtrack, again just as in the game.

    To say this is the best video game soundtrack ever made is a bit of an understatement. Granted, there have been a handful pieces of truly great video game music, but for the most part, video game music isn't reaching the potential that one would hope. Thankfully, this does.

    I'll start with the main theme song, Theme of Laura. As soon as I heard it, I was in love. There's something about it that immediately struck a chord with me, and to this day, it remains my all-time favourite song ever produced. On the surface it seems like a standard alternative rock song, with the standard guitar, bass and drum arrangement. …