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Similar Artists

  1. She provides vocals for CYTOKINE

    Webiste: https://twitter.com/itor1

  2. Cold Kiss is a formation bewteen Nana Takahashi from Sound Holic (as singer) and Linjin from CYTOKINE / ZYTOKINE (as composer/arranger)

  3. Linjin (隣人, Linjin), the sole arranger for the touhou arrangement circle known as Cytokine/Zytokine.

  4. Nana Takahashi (高橋菜々, Takahashi Nana) is a Japanese female vocalist, lyricist, piano player, composer and arranger.
    She composed, arranged, and…

  5. New alias of 坂上なち (Sakaue Nachi).

  6. Mei Ayakura (綾倉盟, Ayakura Mei) is a female vocalist and lyricist from Hokkaido, Japan. She's best known for her many collaborations with doujin…

  7. Name: Nachi Sakaue
    Circle: twinkle*twinkle

    Also known as nachi

  8. 1) CALEN, japanese doujin vocalist.
    Circle: SOUND HOLIC

    2) Bulgarian hip-hop/IDM/dnb Producer

  9. Murasaki Hotaru

    Circle: EastNewSound


  10. Vocalist: A~YA
    Circle: Swing Holic
    Homepage: http://www.sound-holic.com/swingholic/

  11. mican* is a Japanese female vocalist and a member of the doujin music circle Alstroemeria Records along with producer Masayoshi Minoshima, lyricist…

  12. Name: Tsukiyama Sae
    Circle: Amateras Records

  13. There is more than one artist under this name:

    1. miko is the main alias of 藤咲かりん (Karin Fujisaki), a Japanese female vocalist and sole member of…

  14. Circle: Alstroemeria Records


  15. Vocalist: 市松椿 (Ichimatsu Tsubaki)
    Circle: syrufit
    Homepage: http://sky.geocities.jp/camellianred/

  16. Sayuri (さゆり) is a Japanese female vocalist and a member of the doujin music circle Silver Forest along with NYO and なつみ (Natsumi).

  17. Name: Kurosaki Sakuya

    Circle: T.Piacere

    Website: https://twitter.com/tundevi

  18. 小峠舞 (Mai Kotoge) is a vocalist of the japanese doujin scene. Also known under the aliases of 舞 and Mai, she is the main vocalist of the doujin…

  19. 709sec. is a Japanese arranger and male vocalist who provided many rock vocal arranges for the doujin music circle SOUND HOLIC.

    709sec. has…


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