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  • Damn! "Eternal Rains Will Come (From Her Lewd Lovecave)" is really taking the cake.
  • v Accurate and concise description.
  • cant wait for the full album. Elysian Woes (My Baybuh Was Heaven Sent) is a slow burning jizzfest. its like a doomy erotic cock rock ballad that make your pants explode
  • I am new here from poland some body explain what this is??????
  • Oh lawrd, Elysian Woes (My Baybuh Was Heaven Sent) is the most heartfelt song to surface in 2015. That section starting at the 3 minute mark is like an aural painting of a hot, steamy night of the anal, baybuh. As for Moon Above, Sun Below (She's Going To A Cock 'n' Roll Show), who DIDN'T jizz with every hit of that snare? Here's a tip: sneak this most kroegressive record into an all-babe sleepover party and wait outside the door until you hear the first solo. Brace yourself for an inevitable flood of bodily fluids and knock on the door, and enjoy a subsequent full night of all sorts of slippery body parts rubbing all over you. Believe it, bros.
  • It's getting hot, baybuh... 'STACHE IS BACK https://soundcloud.com/akerstache/akerstache-moon-above-sun-below-shes-going-to-a-cock-n-roll-show ....oh lord
  • 10/10 best band. 100/100 best band.
  • If I were Chad, I would cover Ode to Chad, then I'd cover Ode to Chad Part 2, then I'd cover Someday (Nickelback cover), and then I'd finish with melting some hot boehner-static cheese. But I will never be Chad.
  • Good night, sweet prince.
  • Cusp Of Eternity (Between Her Cups Of Maternity) really brings me back to the days of cock, if not in style then in its masculine tone. It's like God is dead all over again, baybuh. The love is real.

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