• Lunar Hypnosis' look back at the fine music of 2010

    28 Mar 2011, 17:14 by JJM1

    Actually, 2010 was my off year for interest in new bands and albums on a grand scale, but I still did pick up a number of interesting releases last year, which you'll find listed below. [Note: All of these reviews originally appeared on my 'zine/blog, Lunar Hypnosis

    Act Noir - Shape a New Start (2010)

    Act Noir is a five piece band from Italy that's been making music since the late 90's, although so far they've only released two albums, an EP and appeared on a few compilations. The band states that they've tried since the beginning to explore a sound between electronic and rock music and here on this second album they do it fairly well, basically drawing influence from Depeche Mode and other 80's new wave/electronic artists.

    All of the songs consist of plenty of electronics in the foreground and great atmospheric synths in the background with rocking guitars and vibrant bass caught in the middle. The vocalist generally uses a somewhat monotone and melancholic approach to his singing with not much variation or range…
  • My 2010's Albums (So far)

    9 Oct 2010, 22:01 by Akira_Sz

    The Best! (my favourites)

    A Forest of Stars - Opportunistic Thieves of Spring [Psychedelic/Avant-garde Black Metal]
    Agalloch - Marrow of the Spirit [Folk/Doom/Atmospheric Black Metal]
    Alcest - Écailles de lune [Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Black Metal]
    Dordeduh - Valea Omului EP [Atmospheric/Folk Black Metal]
    Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
    Gallowbraid - Ashen Eidolon EP [Doom/Folk/Black Metal]
    Ihsahn - After [Avant-garde/Progressive Black Metal]
    Lantlôs - .neon [Post-Black Metal/Post-Rock]
    Les Discrets - Septembre et ses dernières Pensées [Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Post-Punk]
    Mar De Grises - Streams Inwards
    Movimento D'avanguardia ErmeticoStelle Senza Luce
    RheinkaosBeta Religion EP [Industrial/Experimental/Black Metal]
    TodtgelichterAngst [Post-Black Metal]
    Transcending Bizarre? - The Misanthrope's Fable [Symphonic/Avant-garde/Post-Black Metal]
    Vulture Industries - The Malefactor's Bloody Register [Avant-garde Black Metal]
    Winterfylleth - The Mercian Sphere
  • A Running Tally, Phaze III - 2010

    7 Dec 2009, 14:37 by Bromadrosis

    Didn't do one of these for 2009 on last.fm... That was a mistake. Time to get back to work.
    Principle is the same. All new releases I hear will receive a score out of 100. Updates will happen periodically. Scores may evolve slightly over time, though there won't be any big jumps.

    Scoring table:

    [100] = If it comes to a choice between buying a pill that'll cure your child's cancer or this, buy this.
    [90-99] = Essential. Create an unholy army of flying zombie monkeys to help you obtain this!
    [80-89] = Excellent shizzle, recommended to all. Unless, of course, you're a poothead with vile taste in music stuff.
    [70-79] = Still pretty good, if somewhat unremarkable. Mostly only for fans of the band/genre.
    [60-69] = Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Approach with caution and keep your finger hovering over the button that releases the hounds.
    [50-59] = Mediocre. Only for the true collector with more money than good taste.
    [40-49] = Horse manure by any other name... But hey, at least you got a spare jewel case now.
  • Conciertos / Seen Live

    10 May 2008, 16:51 by Skie666

    Viéndolo en otros perfiles del last, me parece una buena idea por poner un poco de orden y no olvidar ningún concierto (o por lo menos olvidar menos :P). He puesto básicamente grupos con los que he disfrutado, hay otros que he podido ver de pasada en festivales o teloneando a otros grupos, pero me parece absurdo incluirlos si no me han dicho nada. La lista se seguirá ampliando, espero :)
    A lo mejor en un futuro añado los HORRORES de los que he huído XD

    Seeing it in other Last profiles, I think it's a good idea in order to arrange and to not forget any concert (or at least, forget less concerts :P). I included bands that I enjoyed. And of course there are others than I saw in festivals or supporting another bands, but I think it's stupid to add them to the list if I didn't liked them. I hope that the list continues growing :)
    Maybe in the future I'll add the HORRORS that I run away from XD

    Aanomm (x3)
    Acid King
    Aegri Somnia