• Hampshire Jams Again

    3 Nov 2009, 20:27 by ChiisaiTotoro

    Sat 31 Oct – Hampshire Jam 8

    Well what can I say about the 8th Hampshire Jam!

    Musiczeit did a superb job in taking over the reins from Steve Jenkins.

    The day kicked off with Airsculpture They set the tone for the rest of the event. Starting off with a measured sound typical of their usual work they built to a frenzied finale that nearly literally shook the hall down.

    Is it the event or is it the mix of audience or the history of Hampshire Jam that seems to bring out the competitive spirit in the groups with each trying to out do each other for great music.

    Next up were Radio Massacre International who forte is pure improvised sessions. Now with a second soloist Martin Archer on a variety of wind instruments, to compliment Gary Houghton The result was electrifying as they both worked with and yet tried to out do each other at the same time to give a outstanding performance that further weakened the halls foundations.

    With the bar being moved up after each group.

  • Berlin School of Electronic Music & Spacesynth

    31 Oct 2009, 03:51 by Serb2012

    Berlin School of Electronic Music

    Старая и Новая Берлинская Школы.

    Классический период - Первая волна
    Возникла в конце 60-ых в Берлине. Это преимущественно секвенсорная музыка с применением аналоговых синтезаторов; очень часто в отношении этого направления вы можете встретить описывающие эпитеты - иллюзорная, психоделическая, ассоциативная, медитативная и так далее. Как правило, это глобальные музыкальные полотна, построенные зачастую на нескольких повторяющихся музыкальных движениях-кольцах, по мере развития, обрастающие яркими выразительными мелизмами с одной или несколькими мелодическими линиями. Примеры: Klaus Schulze, Bernd Kistenmacher, Tangerine Dream, Mario Schoenwaelder, Chuck van Zyl, Bas Broekhuis и так далее. Словами говорить об этом направлении почти бессмысленно. По своей природе и музыкальной эстетике это направление до сих пор является ведущим и наиболее серьезным на современном музыкальном рынке. …
  • Mix 9.1

    3 Sep 2006, 07:13 by Obfuscate

    I recently downloaded the one and only feature film centered on the MONKEES, "Head"

    "The Porpoise Song" opens the film and is just beautilful. I believe it was penned by Carol King.
    I felt compelled to include the song in my next mix.

    I added some gamelan to this mix to kind of shake things up. Not so many sleepy/droney passages here. The mix afterwards passes into mostly new age-y .


    1. The Porpoise Song - MONKEES
    2. Saw You Walk on Night Time Minutes - Hassle Hound
    3. I Promised Them Women - John Murphy
    4. Sometimes the Night - Barzin
    5. Urban Gamelan, Part One - 23 Skidoo
    6. Bambang Betjak - Gamelan Gon Kebyar
    7. Buddist Prayer - Vini Reilly
    8. Rise - Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom
    9. Deluxe (Immer Weider) - Harmonia
    10. Wenn Der Sudwind Weht - Roedelius
    11. Gegenschein - Airsculpture
    12. E2-E4 - manuel gottsching (grabbed one of the middle passages. Only about 2:30 worth here)
    13. Crever - Birge, Gorge, Shiroc
    14. Birds For The Mind - Wim Mertens