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  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    This track instantly softens me [2]
  • Avatar for midliferickman
    This track instantly softens me..............still have UBER love for this one. :-)
  • Avatar for GaaraGOinMusic1
    Zero 7 inspired in this song to make In the Waiting Line as inspired in the simple cliche of waiting in a large line
  • Avatar for Monade2010
    ° ♥ ♫¸¸.• •° ♥ ♫¸¸.• [ masterly ] •.¸¸ ♫ ♥ °¸¸ ♫ ♥ °
  • Avatar for Hover_Donkey
    This was the track my wife and I danced to at our wedding, back in 2001. Will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Avatar for BlackLodgeDwarf
    Reminds me a lot of Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene IV.
  • Avatar for maccrash
    so soft rock
  • Avatar for lukasz_pulawski
    Beth Hirsch singing
  • Avatar for bernlin2000
    Grows more beautiful with every scrobble.
  • Avatar for mikeyunicorns
    wish i could sing this song for someone special someday.
  • Avatar for midliferickman
    I uber love this track! UBER love!!
  • Avatar for Canoecat
    great...almost ethereal...omg GT3x24x7, that's funny! ♥
  • Avatar for GT3x24x7
    I swear the boys are channelling Bacharach here :)
  • Avatar for Ninja1980
  • Avatar for PurplePostRock
    How'd you do it? How'd you find me? How did I find you? How can this be true? To be held and understood....♥ [2]
  • Avatar for natea25
    How'd you do it? How'd you find me? How did I find you? How can this be true? To be held and understood....♥
  • Avatar for fgt_shit
  • Avatar for cinnamondearie beautiful lyrics
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    This is what dreams sound like in their romantic image of spiraling fractal art.
  • Avatar for DGDGBD
    I think this is what LOVE sounds like.
  • Avatar for pattomusik
    Moon Safari is the best Album from AIR.Now and then!Great!
  • Avatar for Zlo-
  • Avatar for nadya_1
  • Avatar for santizo
    The right song at the right moment
  • Avatar for farfafarf
    one of my faves from Air!
  • Avatar for teoce
    love love love! (2)
  • Avatar for 1958mateo
    genialny utwór
  • Avatar for paolodina
    Air, ah.... pure love
  • Avatar for Bambiliana
    I absolutely love this track.
  • Avatar for sawnasunder
    i cry everytime i listen to this song. my ex (we're still friends, trying to get back into the swing of things with him, i'm still in love with him, etc.) put this song on a mixtape he made me, and it makes me think of all the times i fucked him over. i still love it, though. ♥
  • Avatar for ledrak
  • Avatar for ShannonJazz
    I love this song!
  • Avatar for Brushwolf
    I have a big coat with big pockets. Sometimes, kittens get in there. It's cool with me, so long as they keep their hook-socks curled.
  • Avatar for midliferickman
    The lyrics pierce my heart. Oh, to be able to find someone to sing this move on and embrace those famous "why not?" moments........Life's too short.
  • Avatar for corky64
  • Avatar for lesdogshot
    Easy now
  • Avatar for GimmieMoney
    I relate this song to a time when I was falling quickly in love with someone new while living with someone else and trying desperately to break away from my old tired and broken love... life can deal us some complicated hands...thank god there is always a song to help us understand we all go through these things..
  • Avatar for iamhated4loving
    "You make it easy to watch the world with love, you make it easy to let the past be done..."
  • Avatar for devotee123
    tender touch
  • Avatar for waxear
    i like air but this is just too mellifluous for me..
  • Avatar for Ghost25
    im gonna play this for someone someday
  • Avatar for lost_n_arizona
    Great song
  • Avatar for Funkyvibes
    A wonderful melodic track " YOU MAKE IT EASY TO LISTEN TO!"
  • Avatar for juanfgiraldo
    amazing, I love it!
  • Avatar for Cocteaulady
    I really must see them live... they are amazin!
  • Avatar for MargaritKaxs
    To be held and understood.
  • Avatar for kellyssa3
    If you like to discover strange electro music, you can visit my myspace and listen to my music on Maybe that you will like or maybe not but I would be satisfied that you listen to it because I made it with love. See you
  • Avatar for kageru-hinoryu
    If ever I got married, I'd want this to play at my wedding.
  • Avatar for toffea
    I love this track , but not Air !
  • Avatar for DarkLunae
    Air, you make it easy, so watch me fall in love with your music.


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