• Three Playlist Surveys

    14 Jan 2010, 05:47 by torpidlust

    A.) Put your music player on shuffle
    B.) Press forward for each question.
    C.) Use the song title as the answer to the question.
    D.) NO CHEATING!!!

    1.) How am I feeling today?
    The Cure - Speak My Language

    2.) Where will I get married?
    Madonna - To Have and Not Hold

    3.) What is my best friend's theme song?
    The Shins - Taste Of Cindy

    4.) What is highschool like?
    Bright Eyes - Let's Not Shit Ourselves

    5.) What is the best thing ... about me ...?
    Air - Universal Traveler[{HAHAHA YES! love this}

    6.) How is today ... going to be?
    Kanye West - Celebration

    7.) What is in store for this weekend?
    Sneaker Pimps - Walking Zero

    8.) What song describes my parents?.
    Juno Reactor - Song For Ancestors

    9.) How is my life going?
    Nine Inch Nails - The Persistence of Loss

    10.) What song will they play at my funeral?
    Interpol -NARC

    11.) How does the world see me?
    The Mars Volta - B) And Ghosted Pouts

  • Last.FM Milestones -- 2009/11/25

    26 Nov 2009, 02:26 by patchcali

    Last.FM Milestones1st track: (12 Apr 2006)
    Linkin Park - Numb1000th track: (08 May 2006)
    Steve Taylor - On The Fritz2000th track: (27 Jun 2006)
    Sonique - It Feels So Good3000th track: (27 Sep 2006)
    Tom Cochrane - Life Is a Highway4000th track: (21 Nov 2006)
    Carolyn Arends - You Take My Soul by Storm5000th track: (15 Jan 2007)
    Cameo - Word Up!6000th track: (10 Mar 2007)
    The Ides Of March - Vehicle7000th track: (04 Apr 2007)
    Tim Heintz - Dear Jacqui8000th track: (15 May 2007)
    Jem - Flying High9000th track: (29 Jun 2007)
    Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree10000th track: (24 Jul 2007)
    Natalie Merchant - River11000th track: (21 Aug 2007)
    Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy12000th track: (13 Sep 2007)
    Air - Universal Traveler13000th track: (25 Oct 2007)
    Rippingtons - Principles Of Desire14000th track: (27 Nov 2007)
    Thousand Foot Krutch - My Own Enemy15000th track: (19 Dec 2007)
    Corinne Bailey Rae - Butterfly16000th track: (31 Jan 2008)
  • Wszystko się zmienia.

    17 May 2009, 21:14 by consider_it

    Wszystko zaczęło się od D., która za trzy miesiące staje na ślubnym kobiercu, i oglądaniu jej potencjalnych sukni ślubnych. Nagle do mnie to dotarło. Choć uważamy się za dorosłych już od paru dobrych lat - dopiero teraz przychodzi okres kiedy tak naprawdę stajemy się ludźmi dojrzałymi. Nasze życia, paradoksalnie, choć coraz bardziej splecione z losami tylu już osób, które spotkaliśmy na naszej drodze, właśnie teraz zaczynają obierać swój prawdziwy, indywidualny tor.

    O. przestaje być moim współlokatorem, za rok żeni się z I.. Myśli też o przeprowadzce do Konina. G. i M. - zaręczeni. A. i B. - też. Maleńka P. - wcale już nie taka mała przecież! W. - właściwie już na finiszu swoich studiów...
    Przykłady można by mnożyć, ale jeden jest dla mnie najbardziej przemawiający - przecież to ja, już za niecały miesiąc, zaczynam mieszkać z M.! Boję się - jak cholera! Nie mogę się doczekać - też "jak cholera"!

    Wszystko zaczyna układać się w pewien wzór, pewną całość. Coraz więcej rzeczy będzie niezmiennych, poza moim wpływem. …
  • For those bored enough to read this journal. My top 10.

    10 Jul 2008, 12:43 by Troegie

    I decided to put together a list of my "current" top 10 bands.

    1.) Muse
    First heard: The Gallery
    Fell in love with: Plug In Baby
    All time favourite: Fury
    Recent Favourite: Falling With The Crowd

    2.) Silverchair
    First heard: Tomorrow
    Fell in love with: Petrol & Chlorine
    All time favourite: Petrol & Chlorine
    Recent Favourite: Without You

    3.) Radiohead
    First heard: Idioteque
    Fell in love with: Paranoid Android
    All time favourite: Fake Plastic Trees
    Recent Favourite: Meeting In The Aisle

    From here on, the list isn't that "set". This is the rest of my "current" top 10.

    4.) Nine Inch Nails
    First Heard: Survivalism
    Fell in love with: Survivalism
    All time favourite: Every Day Is Exactly the Same
    Recent Favourite: Demon Seed

    5.) Pendulum
    First heard: Slam
    Fell in love with: Slam
    All time favourite: Slam
    Recent Favourite: Showdown

    6.) Rage Against the Machine
    First heard: Bulls on Parade
  • radio opiumtea 03/06: totes 'tronic.

    10 Mar 2008, 03:15 by opiumtea

    I'm on spring break right now, and unlike any normal person I haven't gone home... in fact, I'm roadtrippin' the shit out of this week with my friend Timothy. Internet is only happening right now because we're crashing at our friend's house. And they're practicing some violin-piano duet and I'm a musical idiot and don't play any instruments and so seek the solace of Macbook.

    So, the night/morning of last week's show, I went to the teahouse, helped rearrange my friend's furniture because his roommate hates him and moved out, played Apples to Apples, packed up my stuff, panicked, did the radio show, had breakfast, went to class at 9:30, packed some more, panicked some more, Zeused, made fun of my friend's outfit because she looked like a professor, and left at noon, follwed by driving for four hours and then was dragged all around the city to meet various people and eat various types of food until midnight. Also, the previous day I'd done ANOTHER all-nighter and I'm incapable of…
  • 看见AIR

    18 Feb 2008, 04:39 by ylegende



    总的来说,法国人把他们当成美国风格的迷情电子乐队,美国人则把他们当作法国/异国风情艺术电子。学界概括为“beetween folk and new wake electro”。访谈主持人称“简直很难相信竟然有一个法国乐队能在美国的摇滚界走好”。他们也是史上唯一一个将在美国开巡回的法国乐队(2001年其实跟别的歌手一起开过。今年4月22到5月10日正式的巡回演出,12个城市。另外在欧洲及日本巡回)。不管他们的创作是不是像自诩的那样真算“艺术活动”,也能将于月6、7日在蓬皮杜中心和现代艺术家Xavier Veihan搞搞活动了。顺便说一句,被国内很多小资吹捧的所谓“香颂”,很大一部分在法国其实是归做低文化等级的。实话说,法国流行绝大部分都很烂啊。要命的是法国音乐现代音乐也绝大部分是流行乐,跟国内形势相当。

    这个活动是fnac组织的艺人与读者/观众的互动活动。聊会天,当然重点介绍5号刚在法国推出的新专辑Pocket Symphony,推广一下巴黎的两场演唱会。然后让艺人介绍影响自己最深的书籍、电影和音乐。允许拍照的时间只有到场的两分钟。虽然很靠前,却很遗憾坐了错的一侧,只好单把主持人看更清楚了。总的来说Nicolas Godin打扮得很知识分子,比较外向一些,喜欢抬头对观众笑。JB Dunckel喜欢低头,头发遮住眼睛,气质忧郁,说话很快,不太像一般法国人那样用力,因而被主持人调侃为更担负着“pop star”的角色。他连忙否定。


    Pocket Symphony。其实在购买这个专辑以前已经在互联网非法下到,哈哈我错了。不过拿着正版专辑的感觉真好真好。放到CD rom里,弹出来一个窗口填注册信息,我满以为是刚刚登陆的官网(http://www.pocket-symphony. …
  • My top 10 artists; Questions answered.

    22 Oct 2007, 03:48 by Glejs

    Without looking at the questions below, list your top 10 favorite artists according to Last.fm

    01. Air
    02. Erasure
    03. Weeping Willows
    04. Seabound
    05. Yukihiro Takahashi
    06. Nobuo Uematsu
    07. Svenska Akademien
    08. Anthony Rother
    09. Mijk Van Dijk
    10. Yellow Magic Orchestra


    Q: What was the first song you ever heard by #2?
    A: Can't remember. Probably Sometimes, or some other golden oldie.

    Q: What is your favorite album of #6?
    A: Final Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version (disc 1) must be his best work. Of course disc 2 & 3 also, same album but last.fm forced me to tag a disc.. :)

    Q: What is your favorite Lyric of #8?

    "you got no work
    because of me
    i’m a machine
    i never sleep
    and now you pray
    all night and day
    in a funny way
    i am human made"

    From the song Human Made.

    Q: What is your favorite song by #9?
    A: Tough one, but I have to say Fuchi Koma.

    Q: Is there a song of #1 that makes you sad?
  • this is how i feel

    12 Feb 2007, 22:17 by gogoguerilla

  • Charlotte Gainsbourg and French Pop

    19 Dec 2006, 04:13 by garrettwarshaw

    A couple of days ago, I decided to give Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new record 5:55 a listen. Her being the daughter of French pop royalty Serge Gainsbourg sparked my curiosity, and the inclusion of Air, Nigel Godrich, and numerous others as songwriters and producers motivated me to devote my all too abundant free time to a couple of listens. And after those listens, I’ve realized I downloaded an album that’s not bad, but certainly not good. As a whole, it comes off as a perfect cliché of what one would expect from a project involving a French actress and Air.

    Let’s start with what’s glaringly obvious. Ms. Gainsbourg’s voice is breathy and light in a way that leaves a lot to be desired in terms of personality. It seems to take countless cues from not only the women her father recruited to sing with him, but also Air. Personally, one thing I look for in vocals because it can portray this quality so strongly is the character of a singer or band if of course it’s done well. …
  • Lyrics Game: Part II

    13 Jun 2006, 17:41 by velvetmorning

    Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 1530 songs that play, no matter how embarassing.
    Step 3: BE AWESOME. (again, huh?)
    Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    I just have too much fun with this to stop. Oh, and I've included artist names, perhaps to make it a bit easier?

    (If a song title is in the first few lines, it'll be replaced with and elipsis)

    P.S. There are a few repeat artists.

    1. Always when we fight, I try to make you laugh 'til everything's forgotten. I know you hate that.
    You and Me Song

    2. Several days a month you made the mile to my house, and had me do a stroll with you.

    3. There's nothing to do here, some just whine and complain in bed in the hospital.
    Hospital Beds

    4. The tax man's taken all my dough, and left me in my stately home, lazing on a [...]
    Sunny Afternoon