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  • Avatar for jadikolaci
    oh wow, why are you so wonderful ♥
  • Avatar for sin1stercut
    Damn, one of their best for sure.
  • Avatar for Ksimi
    "Oh my love" by certain Mr. Lennon with Mr. Harrison on guitar is a clear influence
  • Avatar for d_moll
    This song is HEAVEN !
  • Avatar for panuki
    The way the vocals are done reminds me of The Beatles' "Come Together", but I don't know why..
  • Avatar for Tron1276
    ALWAYS a total stunner and easily one of my all-time favorite AIR jams... Eternally enchanting, spacey and amazing.
  • Avatar for dreamy_lz
    I usually avoid saying something like that about songs, but it is sexy. and threatening.
  • Avatar for unspeakablerx
    sex born poison = human consciousness
  • Avatar for aaliyah6zq
    haha ´ just nice
  • Avatar for Batabid
    This is so beautiful. one of my favourite songs ever made. the orchestral arrangement is so beautiful.
  • Avatar for Falcon_pile
    my favorite.
  • Avatar for remixbeb
    masterpiece [2]
  • Avatar for methadose
    Completely agree with MelonMan. Masterpiece!
  • Avatar for fnmadicto
    chill hop
  • Avatar for totoro900
  • Avatar for Ackibear
    French Chillout Merzbeat.
  • Avatar for Snacuum
    I can remember a part of this song being in a recent movie trailer. I hope somebody can remind me of what that movie was.
  • Avatar for MelonMan1981
    Deep, inspiring, threatening, impressive, addictive...
    Probably my favorite air song, really intense.
  • Avatar for keiaspissed
    Holy shit! Listen to it while high.
  • Avatar for doctorKozi
    Super Mario + French touch = Sex Born Poison. And it's WONDERFUL.
  • Avatar for ineptpupil
    i need air to live
  • Avatar for smilemf
    airman13579 +10000 Incredible sounds! Amazing lyrics!
  • Avatar for Gnarlodious
    With this song I have achieved zero gravity
  • Avatar for ohmariana
    Perfect. Perfect.
  • Avatar for MissLaura54
    The progression is so nice. One of my fave Air / other artist collaborations EVER!
  • Avatar for ko_walski
    der perfekte song zum aufräumen nach einer lauten einweihungsparty nacht. guten morgen.
  • Avatar for RedMosquito1
    this song is ridiculously awesome.
  • Avatar for ru_listener
    why this song is so underrated???
  • Avatar for justneve
    incredible song
  • Avatar for Katruk
  • Avatar for DnaO
    The cane, more than god
  • Avatar for Nitro43
    Beautiful song.
  • Avatar for bleepmeister
    shoot, use your gun of life
  • Avatar for hearttattoo
    good pink floyd in japanese... + scratch the disk
  • Avatar for Nospherith
    awesome audio on this one ++
  • Avatar for ShannonSoCrazy
    EndyFourbe: After the Japanese verse I think she repeats the same lyrics in English.
  • Avatar for lucagalway
    Absolutely underrated, one of the best Air song. "You want to fuse my affective circuit" this line sends me straight to the moon.
  • Avatar for damien_bg
    I might be wrong but the creepy background sound seems a bit familiar... or at least it's too good to be invented:D and why the hell this song i so underrated..!?
  • Avatar for EndyFourbe
    Does anyone know the meaning of the japanese lyrics ?
  • Avatar for Bexator
    Epic song!
  • Avatar for kevadamson
    Wow! Loves it I do ...
  • Avatar for thedoldrums
    This song really makes me pine for Air's weirder days.
  • Avatar for adrenocandy
    First Air track I heard, and still my favourite!
  • Avatar for Valdressin
  • Avatar for Tron1276
  • Avatar for closedmouth
    [artist]buffalo daughter[/artist] on vocals
  • Avatar for padrastro
    wonder milky bitch
  • Avatar for emergingsynergy
    This is a heavy song. Excellent.
  • Avatar for R^d!w
    That song! I want more..!

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