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  • boutboulman

    It's like we're the chosen few! Agree with all the great comments here.

    May 2014
  • garrethcarter

    Ahead of its time. Stands the test of time better then anything that came before it.

    November 2013
  • Tron1276

    AIR's stunning, moody 'Dark Side of the Moon Safari'! A seriously underrated "lost classic" that holds up amazingly well today (or at least better than it did in '01, when the public was unfairly expecting 'Moon Safari 2.0', then got bummed when it didn't happen...). I still have hope that AIR will someday make a return to the weird, dark 'n heady psychedelic-world-of-sound they brilliantly started with 'The Virgin Suicides' and then perfected here.

    January 2013
  • jrouby

    My fav album with Virgin Suicides soundtrack. A damn great electro-space-opera !!

    December 2011
  • kyberneticka

    Most underrated Air album ever. Most innovative sound, plenty of entertaining tracks, and what every Air album should aspire to.

    August 2008
  • bonjourlemonde

    one of the best album covers ever!

    June 2008
  • zcor

    also, don't be light has beck's voice all over it.

    October 2007
  • Terrestian

    The Vagabond, RabiBacon :) This album is so the best Air album. It just takes some effort to understand the music

    July 2007
  • RabiBacon

    which tracks does beck help on or was it like a whole album type collaboration?

    June 2007