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  • Air na
  • Their best album! For sure!!
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Talkie Walkie and this. Just amazing.
  • Great album! Underrated!
  • AIR's stunning, moody 'Dark Side of the Moon Safari'! A seriously underrated "lost classic" that holds up amazingly well today (or at least better than it did in '01, when the public was unfairly expecting 'Moon Safari 2.0', then got bummed when it didn't happen...). I still have hope that AIR will someday make a return to the weird, dark 'n heady psychedelic-world-of-sound they brilliantly started with 'The Virgin Suicides' and then perfected here.
  • Yhe cover is okay, the album unforgettable
  • love this album :)
  • I wish they'd try something as weird, dark and humorous as this album again.. After the bad reception 10,000 Hz got it seemed like they retreated into a style that unfortunately seems to get a bit safer and blander with each record they release.
  • If only they could return to this amazing weirdness. I don't know if it's their best but it is definitely my favorite.
  • For me their best album so far, beyond The Virgin Suicides and Premiers Symptomes
  • Such a monument, and such a shitty cover ...
  • es musica de 10 herzios???
  • oh, wow,
  • Simply AIR at the peak of their artistic performance. 10 000 Hz Legend is simply their best album. With all the respect Moon Safari wasn't as inteligent and innovative as this album.
  • oh my, the last tree tracks suck. the other tracks are weird in a good way, but the last tree just lost their sense. oh well, unless it is different, which is a lot to ask nowadays
  • fuck the critics indeed. This is one of the top albums of the decade for me.
  • Brilliant album. Really nice.
  • fuck off bad critics
  • Good to see all those great commentaries. I love it a lot too. I saw them live a few months after the release. They weren't much known in France at that time... Now they are, and I'm pissed, because I don't know if I'll ever have any other opportunity to see them live again... *sigh*
  • The Best Air Album til now!
  • I bought this record after hearing surfing on a rocket on some dumb car commercial, and I've never regretted it, It's actually probably the best album i own.
  • I think this album is very unique in year 2001, its still good after 7 years. First when i heard the band it was on VH1 with the song How Does It Make You Feel?. Another day a I went to the cd shop to buy this record. Its one of my favourite albums. I like AIR music so much.
  • I love this album.......
  • I agree, I didn't care for this one when it first came out, but after two listens, I was hooked. 10,000 Hz Legend has been my favorite album of theirs ever since!! It reminds me of long road trips; listening to the whole album, like a story unfolding.
  • Air, a classic [url=]French House[/url] band!
  • they probably won't ever top this..... I absolutely hated it on first listen. now it's one of my favourate albums ever.
  • This is my favorite of theirs. Sex Born Poison gives me chills
  • Absolutely adore this album, and always will.
  • I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this is their masterpiece. Weird is good.
  • This is on my list of life-changing albums. Pity the critics didn't agree... It's a masterpiece.
  • My favorite AIR album. I think it's under-appreciated because of its weirdness.
  • 10 000 Hz Legend Artwork:
  • Used to be my least favorite Air album. Now it's quickly becoming my favorite one.
  • Masterpiece.
  • Awesome. Don't Be Light is my fave.
  • Definitely my favorite of theirs and weirdly underrated.
  • radian is awesome
  • This album is perfect.

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