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Die Romantic (3:41)


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  • Never gets old.
  • Awesome!
  • Why is this song so damn good? :O
  • It's good to listen to this again. I haven't heard this song in a while!
  • Aiden is so fucking good!
  • OMG Die Romantic! I know this song from so long ago!! I never knew the band 0,0
  • lol i didn't even know this was emo, when i first heard it i thought it was punk
  • o/
  • Great ;D
  • yeeeahhh
  • Old Aiden<3 Love this song, love the bridge for it and the opening riff. Sad story to the song; 14 year old girl wiL knew comitted suicide. One Love is about a friend who had an overdose. He knows some crazy people :/
  • whenever i hear someone with the name Aiden i always have to tell them about how much i love this band.
  • Always coming back to the good shit. LOVE AIDEN!
  • LONG LIVE AIDEN !!!!!!!
  • Fuckin Aiden is so Fuckin Bad ass !!!!!
  • Good old aiden, never get tired of this album.
  • These people scare me. [2]
  • These people scare me.
  • Great song, always love old Aiden.
  • awesome (:
  • <3 DIE ROMANTIC! <3
  • Aiden used to be my first fav screamo band now its still my second besst i still have Die Romantic shirt i bought from victory records GO Aiden <3
  • Oh Aiden how I love thee...
  • I have to admit... I HATED Aiden so much in the past.. but they grew on me... And I kind of.. maybe.. sort of... love this song. :D
  • is this happening
  • AWESOME :)
  • tonights the night
  • My favorite Aiden song. <333
  • n.n
  • this song never gets old<3
  • One of my favorite Aiden songs
  • <3 Love them!
  • this is the nightmare before we sleep
  • <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • <3
  • <3 i remember the first time i heard this song! I feel in love with it
  • i luv aiden but they r a little cliche at times still luv them and this song though<3
  • this is all we need now to die romantic
  • pretty good!!
  • lol.... I remember being WiL for Halloween last year.... only one person knew who I was... but he did my make-up. =p I even had a butcher knife and everthing! =p
  • so goooood
  • one of my favorites
  • <3 :D
  • i love this song! i <3 AIDEN!!
  • I wanna marry his voice
  • loving this song :D
  • whoa this is some good horror-punk!


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