• Album Review: Agua de Annique - Live in Europe (2010)

    12 May 2012, 21:05 by irisvanhoorn

    Agua de Annique - Live In Europe

    This is the first solo live album of Anneke van Giersbergen, and it's also the fourth and last album she made with band name Agua de Annique on it. After this album she decided to use just her own name, to avoid confusion and to make clear she really is a solo artist now. The album was recorded live at various venues in Europe during her tour in 2010. It contains songs from her earlier solo albums: Air and In Your Room, together with 3 brand new songs and 1 old The Gathering-song. I got this album for free, as a gift from Anneke's webshop in December 2010. I ordered "In Parallel" there and didn't hear anything for a month. After I contacted them per email, they found out that they overlooked my order/payment. To make it up they sent me Live In Europe as a gift. Signed by Anneke, so that is even better! (I actually forgot to send an email to thank for this gift... and still feel a bit ashamed about it. I'm sorry, Anneke!)
  • Album Review: Agua de Annique - Air (2007)

    22 Apr 2012, 16:08 by irisvanhoorn

    Agua de Annique - Air

    I bought this first solo album of Anneke van Giersbergen somewhere around the end of 2009 or first half of 2010, together with one of her other albums: In Your Room. I ordered them at her own webshop, so both of them are signed by Anneke, which is really cool! The album Air was released only a few months after she has left The Gathering, which was announced in June 2007. Actually I am not completely correct by calling this her "solo album", as the album is officially by Agua de Annique, the band she started right after her departure from The Gathering, which means "Water of Anneke" in Spanish or Portuguese (I'm not sure). In an interview she explains how she wanted to start a new band and came up with this name, but after a while she realized she actually started a solo career and changed it into: "Anneke van Giersbergen & Agua the Annique", which was not only a very long name, but also very confusing. …
  • Agua de Annique - Air [album review / my first impressions]

    20 Oct 2007, 16:52 by LE0_

    I am now hearing the album Air from Agua de Annique, and I will let you know my first immpressions...

    Beautiful One - [9.5]
    Very good music, and a candidate for the best in this album. Anekke's voice gives this music a melancholic atmosphere, like a cold sunset of autumn.

    Witnesses - [10.0]
    A smart rhythm. The lyrics are very interesting. Sounds to me with a little bit influence of industrial music, that does not have a melancholic atmosphere... maybe an agressive one.

    Yalin - [7.5]
    This track remembers me of 90's blues. Very good track. It makes me feel a little happy xD

    Day After Yesterday - [9.5]
    Another music that doesn't sound too melancholic. It's a good track to play (or not) when you break with your girlfriend =P... also, it sounds nostalgic... a good cadidate for the best?

    My Girl - [8.5]
    Another candidate (for me) to be the best of the album. It sounds a little sad, thought it has a faster rhythm compared with the previous tracks.