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  • Avatar for tvarzovy
  • Avatar for peronchrystus
    Best band ever : 3
  • Avatar for bibicheuh
    Excellent band !
  • Avatar for XdenioX
  • Avatar for iowaababil
    Harvest The Discontent...
  • Avatar for etcsucks
    The Decay
  • Avatar for MattCallager
    Agrimonia = Awesome!
  • Avatar for OptimusPunx
    sexiest stenchcore
  • Avatar for XdenioX
    excellent gig at diy! [2]
  • Avatar for ulitt
    excellent gig at diy!
  • Avatar for missmetal86
  • Avatar for OptimusPunx
    extremely great band, i'm confident they will do well
  • Avatar for Disaxis
    I like it.
  • Avatar for Fenix317
    Группа на высоте
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Opeth
    Oh yeah good stuffs
  • Avatar for Discrumt
  • Avatar for nc666
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for alientool
    great band , great album
  • Avatar for Frochi
    Best doom I've found in a long, long time.
  • Avatar for Blvtmond
    This band is so awesome!
  • Avatar for BIRI123
    their s/t album was awesome but the new one kills.. [2] very true! i´m listening to it at the moment!
  • Avatar for intodustfall
    their s/t album was awesome but the new one kills..
  • Avatar for Wangerman
    Especially on the new album, there's no "Black Metal" at all. But it's a great mixture of what you might call "Sludgecore/ Post-Metal" and Death Metal influences (there's, among other things, quite a bit of Bolt Thrower in what Agrimonia do), at least in my ears ...
  • Avatar for JustSayCunt
    new album btw
  • Avatar for Hell_Crust
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    Agonising, impassioned, as per usual.
  • Avatar for ciderscrounger
    New album is fantastic - can't stop playing it.
  • Avatar for nekrofrost6
    anyone have a link for the new album
  • Avatar for the_jeremy
  • Avatar for Vinicius_AE
    Muito bom.
  • Avatar for ababil72
    can't wait 4 the new release....!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for totalySICK
    can´t wait! :)
  • Avatar for qQlxqln
    new album? oh dear, u made my day!
  • Avatar for skabiez
    this stuff is fuckin' rad.
  • Avatar for Wangerman
    Good stuff indeed!!!
  • Avatar for javiikiller
  • Avatar for Lord_Krichian
    sick shit. keep it up
  • Avatar for Phage
    IMHO not many of these bands manage a proper combination of black metal and hardcore, but this band hits the nail on the head perfectly! Why oh why do they have to be playing London when Fall of Efrafa are playing their last show in Brighton! maybe next time....
  • Avatar for missionair
    brilliant stuff.
  • Avatar for tanduk
  • Avatar for UntilYouReform
  • Avatar for bluthusten_69!
  • Avatar for derek_trash
    good, but there are 100000s of bands like this
  • Avatar for Lethiel
    i saw them live some days ago and they were pretty good :)
  • Avatar for post_echo
    ахуительны! really good shit
  • Avatar for totalySICK
    agree! i am absolutely in love with agrimonia. from first listen.
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
  • Avatar for Pe5h4
    pretty good
  • Avatar for Ghastly_Remains
    This is really good. Anyone have a .rar for the LP?
  • Avatar for Hell_Crust


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