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Zero Tolerance (2:27)


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  • Now, all of the defendants claim,including young Patrick Maguire, aged just 40. Patrick, would you stand up, please? - Thank you. All of the defendants claim... that they were subjected to physical and mental abuse while under police custody. - They were never harmed in any way. - He's fuckin' lyin'! They beat the shit out of us! - Fuckin' liar! Silence. Sit them down! - Please believe us! They beat us! Just be quiet. - Sit them down! Silence in the court! Mr. Conlon says... that you pulled him by the hair and squeezed his testicles. I never even spoke to Mr. Conlon. - I hope you burn in hell, Dixon. - [ Judge ] Silence! Mr. Hill says the police sat astride him and put a gun in his mouth....

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