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  • beautiful
  • so atmospheric.. fucking wonderful
  • "i could listen to the last 2 minutes of this over and over for eternity" NOT TO ETERNITY, BECAUSE I WOULD DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING! FUCKING RIFF!!!!
  • Thank god I had marked this as a Loved track. Truly sensational.
  • Never heard a song as calm yet powerful as this one. Truly a masterpiece.
  • yes
  • Great track!!
  • me encanta!
  • some person just told me about this band like 30 minutes ago.and i usually dont listen to any rock/metal,but this is a masterpiece i truly have to say.
  • possibly their best song!
  • mmmmmmmmm buenos
  • I could do the same with this "alldamned" song. Awesome!!!
  • i could listen to the last 2 minutes of this over and over for eternity
  • And Haughm went and said that this was one of the poorest songs on the album.
  • I could listen to Agalloch all day... they can do no wrong imho
  • I never get tired of this band! Epic :)
  • I agree, unbelievable music!
  • Cheers to Haughm and the boys. Unbelievable music.
  • heavenly
  • love it.
  • beautiful
  • This song is great i love it,he leads me a unknow places in mind.
  • I love those heavy drums at around 5:00, this song is amazing (as is the rest of this album) !
  • First song heard by them. Magical.
  • The best song from the best band EVER. None can do better than Agalloch!
  • Just flawless.
  • Agalloch has got to be one of the best group of musicians I've ever heard no doubt.
  • Awesome ambient! Awesome song! Awesome band!
  • their all songs are magical..
  • Probably my favorite from AAtG.
  • great^^
  • this song is definately one of my favourite Agalloch songs! <3
  • i really love this song beautiful
  • on AAtG with Falling Snow, Limbs and Our Fortress is Burning II :) Their newest is also their best one. I wouldn't want to miss the uniqueness of The Mantle or the sound of Pale Folklore... but... best ever.
  • Very Nice & Very Atmospheric... Sounds like a quite northern Forest, before a Blizzard... :)
  • Bst song.
  • Wordless beauty.
  • So epic!
  • This song is breathtaking. Nothing short of a masterpiece.
  • Best song on Ashes, with Our Fortress Is Burning...I and II right behind it in my opinion
  • astounding
  • Amazing. <3 Probably my fave Agalloch song now.
  • This song is awesome, especially the outro riff.
  • Together with In the shadow, my favourite song from Agalloch
  • Beautiful
  • Incredible song. This is the song that got me into Agalloch.
  • Agreed.Great song.
  • Tied with Falling Snow for best song on Ashes, lovely :)
  • Who the hell made this song spelled out like that?
  • I hope we can get this fixed...


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