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Fire Above, Ice Below (10:26)


  • It. really takes you to some other reallity.And that's what I need sometimes. [2]
  • Very great
  • I can't get tired of listening to this song [3]
  • I have ice below. It leaves an unsightly damp patch in my nether-regions, but it's worth it.
  • It. really takes you to some other reallity.And that's what I need sometimes.
  • nice cowboy song.
  • one of my favorite agalloch songs <3
  • Its melodies can take you far away. Great song.
  • Simply epic, I love this song.
  • Love the middle section when the electric guitars kick in.
  • one of my best songs for all the time...
  • Sounds like Bathory.
  • this song is so incredibly amazing
  • Their best song...
  • excellent
  • Great
  • great song...it's amazing.
  • Perfect.
  • I can't get tired of listening to this song [2]
  • ashes against the grain, me favorite album
  • Currently my theme tune for cold, grey autumn mornings.
  • the s0ng can last f0rever
  • I can't get tired of listening to this song.
  • Beautiful.
  • I love Agalloch
  • yeah
  • gliding over the landscape :)
  • One of my favourites.
  • A bit dissapointed in this track.
  • Great track
  • Beautiful song. This could go on forever..
  • Awesome song.
  • goooood very goood
  • masterpiece.museum,dam awesome,wtf,sex!?
  • such a damn good song
  • 100 scrobbles down, still blown away every single time
  • sex
  • this song makes me feel like I'm floating off to some distant land on a small boat, the sky all foggy and I'm passing some thatched buildings, looks like a fishing village. I don't think the lyrics hold any sway on my imagination... at around the 5th minute, it makes me feel like the boat is going into a dark swampy area and then into a pitch black cave. And there's glowing fungus in the cave lighting the way for the boat. And it comes out of the other side to the foggy skied fishing village again. Then the fog clears and everything's all bright and sunny when it gets to arund the 7th minute. There's a watermill in the village I hadn't noticed before. Beautiful scene.
  • This song is perfect. So atmospheric. I'd say psychedelic. I get away from this world sometimes....
  • this song is my obsession for the moment..i agree with u all guys..stay \m/etal !
  • This is a Masterpiece !!!
  • it's just wonderful....
  • awesome :D
  • damn good song
  • Beautiful music. Fantastic band, especially live! :D
  • This song makes my life better.
  • przepiękny...
  • Awesome. The all album is awesome.
  • amazing.....
  • beautiful


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