• Rare Archival Footage Re-Release: Vin's concert reviews from the year 2009

    25 May 2014, 07:40 by doesntexist420

    I went and saw Primus for the second time two days ago. It was great. However, the topic of this post has a greater purpose. In 2009, I wrote some very poor reviews of shows I saw that are in danger of becoming lost to the internet's black hole of unsearchable obscurity. So in all poorly utilized grammar, questionable opinions and unmistakably teenage Vin style, here are reviews of the Mayhem Festival of 2009 and Thrash And Burn Tour 2009. Brought to you by 18 year old Vin, a person infinitely stupider than 2014 Vin.

    The following is a post brought to you by Vin, age 18, on August 2nd of 2009

    So I paid $40 for tickets a long time ago (before Slayer announced a new album, before seeing Manson's terrible performances this tour, etc.) and finally 7/31 came around. Showed up at like 2 PM and these were the bands me and my friends planned on checking out.

    Marilyn Manson
    Killswitch Engage
    All That Remains
    Cannibal Corpse
    Job for a Cowboy