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  • Avatar for canislupus1987
    I love After Forever's Earlier work but I'm Glad Mark left it otherwise we wouldn't have the most Epic pun intended, band ever within this genre
  • Avatar for Puffnstuff
    These folks are still one of my favorite bands even after all of these years. Floor Jansen has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. I really wish that these guys would get back together and continue making great music.
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Someone told me this band had other people in it beside Floor but I don't think most people noticed
  • Avatar for Thotheth
  • Avatar for tnthuman
  • Avatar for DawLeoneEV
    F L O O R ♥
  • Avatar for PedroLord
    Floor > God
  • Avatar for coloredpepper
    Floor = The Goddess [2]
  • Avatar for nDroae
    michael_yatesy, defending overrated symphonic metal albums since 1937 :3
  • Avatar for Oscar_Morten
    I really cant understand why Beautiful Emptyness, Between Love And Fire, Strong and Sins Of Idealism are not on the top!
  • Avatar for kornmanson112
    Floor = The Goddess
  • Avatar for michael_yatesy
    and after Remagine I'd consider it AF's most underrated album really.
  • Avatar for michael_yatesy
    it's actually a great album minus those two spoken passages (IMO). Blind Pain is a ripper of a song
  • Avatar for nDroae
    Gotta get that Jay Lansford spit-talking sound in full lossless quality.
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    vv It's an overrated album anyway.
  • Avatar for MetalismRecords
    Russian female fronted Symphonic Power Metal band R-GENIUM is set to release their 2nd album "Wonderful Wonderful World" on May 30th, 2015
  • Avatar for michael_yatesy
    It's because of awful old Transmission Records that you can't easily buy Invisible Circles outside of ebay. Torrent a FLAC copy
  • Avatar for PedroLord
    Floor Jansen! THE LEGEND!
  • Avatar for tekbasinaadam
    It is also not on itunes.Wtf people
  • Avatar for stavros_epica
    I really like Invisible Circles and I want to buy it, but I can't find it anywhere. Is it out of print?
  • Avatar for omankou
  • Avatar for boianachronism
    I'll miss them forever!
  • Avatar for Puffnstuff
    They are still my favorite band. Hearing Floor sing is just divine. I hope that her touch helps Nightwish to sound more like After Forever.
  • Avatar for lostineternity9
    forever amazing songs <3 <3
  • Avatar for Symbolofallloss
    A band for dikes.
  • Avatar for Guuy
    Era uma puta de uma banda ♥
  • Avatar for Lsm1995
    Finally I Like Them!
  • Avatar for unniquer
  • Avatar for franciska_af
    Having attended ReVamp's concert in Chile this week was amazing! And surely helped a bit to heal the open wound of never seen After Forever live ... Floor live kick ass!!! <3
  • Avatar for EpicaSimons
    I love them so much
  • Avatar for kornmanson112
    Cry With a Smile <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for Karaouq16
    too bad they disbanded, but still love them
  • Avatar for rustandsoul
    "Remagine" is such a masterpiece!
  • Avatar for DarkOmar07
    Hello Guys !! This is my band Eternus (Symphonic Metal from Chile with Male Opera Singer) Enjoy !! Help us please :( |m| This is our song "Nemesis of the Gods" // You can Free Download our album and more Info in =
  • Avatar for HxClpmaskmanHxC
    before forever XDD
  • Avatar for Karaouq16
    she the lead singer of nightwish now :D
  • Avatar for nDroae
    [url=]Reviewer inexplicably thinks Floor is "a dull as ditchwater sub-Tarja clone."[/url]
  • Avatar for Tarjever
    Happy Birthday, dear Floor!!! Wait for new great albums with Nightwish and ReVamp! (But I miss AF, too... :( )
  • Avatar for ThoughtAdjuster
    the japanese after forever is incredible, just picked up that split with khmer
  • Avatar for Guuy
    After Forever will never die, is forever♥
  • Avatar for Aurwandil
    Floor Jansen is how I depict the perfect woman
  • Avatar for Aurwandil
    Decipher is one of the best Gothic metal albums of all time. [2] always when I listen to this album I feel like I'm in the 16th century walking the streets of Florence or Venice. Their first albums are the best to me, Follow in the Cry, Prison of Desire, Decipher and Exordium. Floor saved Nightwish for me, their tour with her was good, but I want new albums with Floor as the frontwoman.
  • Avatar for Harkonnenka
    I love them. Always when I listen to them, my mood lifts up.
  • Avatar for Tombcool
    Decipher is one of the best Gothic metal albums of all time.
  • Avatar for KamelotFan10
    Nightwish is good, but they definitely aren't the best in the genre. Most popular worldwide, maybe, but that doesn't necessarily make them the best.
  • Avatar for Inamanica
    Page of bands Metal/Rock with female vocalist
  • Avatar for Staszkowa89
    Page for fans of Metal from Poland. Not only black metal, but also symphonic, thrash, and more. Enjoy! :)
  • Avatar for Velimirius
    excited for the Floor joining Nightwish, havent listened after Tarja stuff and on the other hand was sad when After Forever disbanded, this join is pure win to me.
  • Avatar for Happy_Funeral
  • Avatar for DorianVonEden
    Still really hoping for a reunion? LOL


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