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  • what the actual fuck [2]
  • I saw these guys at the Melbourne Music Week gig tonight. It was awesome. If anyone else went, help me out. What was the second last track they played?? It's stuck in my head and I don't know what it is! Set list??
  • @Bastafa: so you basically say electronic music is plain? :) and you know every member can edit a bio. but its a bit more text now for your contentment. but I'm always a supporter for saying: the music should talk for itself. and their music does this brilliantly
  • If you like Africa HiTech, you will love JJ BRINE, President of Mozambique [2]
  • lash out is under my skin now
  • floooooooooooooooow!
  • One of the best in Creamfields 2012
  • are they working on anythign new?
  • so now the bio consists of basic info and a pitchfork review. great job.
  • the_vein basically exchanged their creative bio with a plain standard bio and wants to tag this with electronic, the most general tag after "music" in existance
  • i need more
  • Dats cool
  • their live show's the best
  • just edited the bio. it was way too subjective. and how about to tag this just as electronic music? post-dubstep my ass... great music btw !
  • Wow I totally overlooked these guys last year, 93 Million Miles is excellent!
  • <3 Our Luv
  • Can't wait for some new stuff
  • this is pretty cute.
  • "dubstep" nope actual post-dubstep
  • what the actual fuck
  • "post-dubstep" nope just actual dubstep
  • best live show I've seen in I don't know how long
  • Dare I say Global Communication was never all that great either?
  • Probably because it's not quite a masterpiece. It's good, but is only slightly better than that Harmonic 313 EP with Word Problems on it.
  • afrIca hItecH
  • Plus they're on Warp. People just suck, I guess.
  • seriously i don't know why these guys haven't blown up, 93 Million Miles is a masterpiece and p4k has hyped it pretty significantly. wut happend
  • looove the album best dance album i've listened to in ages
  • Wow that is a pretentious biography. [2]
  • Wow that is a pretentious biography.
  • "...pure madness. no sadness. just gladness" :)
  • Awesome!
  • how about electronigger?
  • "post-dubstep". i lmao'd.
  • fuck you genre sorters
  • more like autechrestep [3]
  • supa cool dudes
  • I guess if you're being picky, yeah. I'd rather not have another post-genre pigeonholed like that, because now I can't look for post-rock without sifting through an ocean of EitS soundalikes, etc.. but of course it's completely arbitrary semantics. I'd just rather see the term applied as a penumbra rather than a stylistic list
  • but see, post-dubstep refers to stuff like James Blake or Mount Kimbie. It's a specific sound, even though it may seem logical to call everything with a dubstep foundation post-dubstep, it just doesn't work.
  • that's an extremely drastic oversimplification. 93 Million Miles touches on vibes from IDM, jazz, dub, yeah footwork, underneath a generally dubstep framework. In that sense it creates something that's bigger than any of those subgenres themselves. I suppose that makes it 'post"-dubstep, as something that takes its aspects and makes something that's not it itself, but rather I just think it's a wonderfully original amalgam of various electronic and acoustic diaspora
  • it's not post-dubstep by any means. it's dubstep mixed with footwork. (hint: that's where footstep's title comes from). check out the recent planet mu releases if you're not yet familiar with this sound.
  • "Why the fuck stupid autocorrect corrects Out In The Street VIP to non- vip version? such a stupid" because you should turn off autocorrect
  • truly post-dubstep. spmething new right here.
  • lol as if that list is eclectic
  • more like autechrestep [2] i lol'ed.
  • I only appreciate the 1st track :|
  • Africa HiTech - Out in the Streets VIP --- MASSIVE!
  • Why the fuck stupid autocorrect corrects Out In The Street VIP to non- vip version? such a stupid
  • out in the streets vip is one of greatest vips ive ever heard. fiyah!


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