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Aetrigan is a five piece metal/concrete band from Debrecen Hungary. They hit the scene in 2005 with an other formation, but through the years their music changed as much as a young man during his puberty.
After the winter of 2007 these guys made something new…with an other bassist they started Aetrigan….
In the fall of 2008 they've recorded an EP at the Bakery studio, working with a studio expert: Bogyó.

Powerful music for listeners with wide ranged musical taste,melodic songs injected with harsh and brutal screams. The shredding riffs make their sound heavy and the distructive separate guitar themes with gripping drumhits and of course the double-bass are rising the effect, not to mention the outbraking vocals. The lyrical focus is on people's bad habits, pathshowings, fights, judgements, simple thoughts, nerve-racking mistakes and bad ways to livea life. With various influences these guys can give you a unique musical expreience so grab your chance cuz' it's a must! The guys and the crowd agreed that Aetrigan's real face is The Ruins which was recorded on the EP so they are trying to write new songs even better than before. They are going to hit the studio this december and they are going to start recording their first full length album which is going to come out in next year.

This band doesn't look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. They are looking forward not only to excel from the crowd but towering above them.
So here they are and it's something new, it's pure fucking metal you have to count with for now on!!! AETRIGAN is the name…


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