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    Что-то бесподобное, грустное и прекрасное. Я люблю эту группу.
  • Avatar for Depechist_spb
    Видел живьём. Прекрасный звук!
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  • Avatar for SarahSelas
    MORE than amazing!
  • Avatar for Bankrat
    Не зацепило =(
  • Avatar for lifeisaudio
    Every time I listen to this band I have to wonder why they're not everywhere. Ascendere is outstanding.
  • Avatar for ArrTheMesia
    Amazing! Amazing!
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  • Avatar for Massanov
    Продолжайте в том же духе!!!
  • Avatar for Tamara_24
    ребята! ваша музыка офигенна!)
  • Avatar for mad_koala
    Versitile and expressive. The only post-rock band that has really managed to make me feel sorrow and hope at the same time. Aesthesys's music is more outspoken and less elaborated than music of other post-rock bands, that makes it even more sincere and interesting. I don't like talking about music usually, but for this once i need to say these songs do have soul.
  • Avatar for extrabigmehdi
    Nice music, but honestly I was attracted by the pic of the profile and the french slogan "L'imagination au pouvoir". Well, the word "imagination" doesn't really come to my mind, when I listen to this.
  • Avatar for extrabigmehdi
    Seems easy to listen ...
  • Avatar for Vasilievich
    wow just discovered these guys, they're incredible! and I don't understand how the music is free even! Awesome music!
  • Avatar for DaRk__SkY
    post-mineral ftw! :D
  • Avatar for Tim32
    Новый альбом получился очень светлый и хороший. Скрипка обалденная.
  • Avatar for DautlessEscort
    Aesthesys is more than awesome. Loved it from the first music.
  • Avatar for Tim32
    Новый альбом
  • Avatar for IgorShtik
    Прекрасно [3]
  • Avatar for d3idr3
    Прекрасно [2]
  • Avatar for JoPreston
  • Avatar for schizophrenoid new release is here, guys!
  • Avatar for Ampeva
    Getting more and more excited about the upcoming album!
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    good news
  • Avatar for Jappas85
  • Avatar for schizophrenoid
    New release of Aesthesys will be out this September:
  • Avatar for rohankilljoy
    amazing amazing
  • Avatar for blackgazerjess
    you're mighty
  • Avatar for DaRk__SkY
    What about a trip to Germany? :) [2]
  • Avatar for tonythepony11
    Once You're Born You Can No Longer Hide
  • Avatar for Marit_01
    What about a trip to Germany? :)
  • Avatar for Fyn_X
    подозрительно напоминают мелодиями астронавтов
  • Avatar for matheuspsy
    Great band!
  • Avatar for Black-bla
    It's my cup of tea. I am in love again.
  • Avatar for Tim32
    Across The 60th Parallel North Great post rock!
  • Avatar for PrideEd
    "Dreams Are Only Real As Long As They Last." <3 T_T
  • Avatar for Charles_Heres
    This is addictive. Really.
  • Avatar for Steinhard-T
    Great beat for skate videos.
  • Avatar for PyschoVampire
    dream sound <3
  • Avatar for donotshushme
    Хорошо выступили на Астрале [3] Только на сцене будьте "поближе" к слушателям. Хоть "привет" сказать и всё такое. Ждём ещё.
  • Avatar for aldrignedigen
    Хорошо ребята лабают
  • Avatar for Georg_Bonk
    Хорошо выступили позавчера [2] :3
  • Avatar for VoidEater
    Хорошо выступили вчера
  • Avatar for Ran_manwen
    "Dreams are only real as long as they last" <3 Perfect sound with perfect title..
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  • Avatar for hawzheige
    Amazing <3
  • Avatar for JoPreston
    виступ був дуже крутим, ще б наживо до україни приїхали
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  • Avatar for mldzZ
    Aesthesys' online gig


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