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  • Tirzana

    How high can you fly with broken wings..

    March 2013
  • PhilesJones


    October 2012
  • FerPanqueka

    "It's amazing"!!!!! I love sooooooooo much this album, I hear this album without fear to be happy. hehehe!! ;)

    January 2012
  • Cinmoraes

    Love In An Elevator

    September 2011
  • lindaterzi

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei oi

    August 2011
  • knotomp

    WALK ON WATER!!!!!!

    June 2011
  • dobek993

    Blind Man!

    May 2011
  • noway693


    February 2011
  • LydiaHudson


    November 2010
  • juepucta

    Suprisingly better than Greatest Hits? What are you on crack? NOTHING from 90s up to today is better than the 70s albums. Nothing. One can like it, i know i do, but to say it is better is to have faulty ears or no taste. Permanent Vacation and Pump were the last time this band was anywhere close to their greatness. Gems and Greatest Hits (or Pandora's Box for that matter) blow Big Ones (and Young Lust and Oh Yeah and Devil's Got A New Disguise and etc...) out of the water.

    October 2010
  • keep

    " Why is this album so much different and suprisingly better than "Greatest Hits"? " [2] ^^

    June 2009
  • Jokapaikanapina

    May 2009
  • nennee_

    This is great album.. Love it<3

    May 2009
  • sunandpalmtrees

    listen to walk on water i discovered this song and its amazing LOL !!!! try it you'll love it . told steven at the borgota to play it hope they do this time around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 2009
  • Poison_45

    Tithonus It's compilation of songs from 86-93

    December 2008
  • ikurasake1

    Why is this album so much different and suprisingly better than "Greatest Hits"?

    June 2008
  • XXXnicoletteXXX

    idk.... but sum of them r good: Rag Doll, Livin' on the Edge, Dude (Looks Like A Lady), Janie's Got a Gunn. so it's still alright, eh?

    March 2008
  • Tithonus

    It doesnt have their best songs, like Dream On, Walk This Way, Mama Kin, Sweet Emotion etc.

    March 2008
  • Tenozuma

    I'd prefer Devil's Got a New Disguise, or, ideally, the 2cd O Yeah! Which I think is just great. Has pretty much everything here and much more.

    August 2007


    August 2007
  • acedrums

    it isnt the perfect album cos it has none of the old awesome Aerosmith stuff...IMO

    April 2007
  • AmputatedOrgans

    Aerosmith Legend

    March 2007
  • Stumpflower


    October 2006
  • heygorgeous

    perfect album to use when introducing people to the band.

    May 2006