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Adolf plays the jazz have nothing to do whatsoever with politics and fascism especially.

In essence, the band is formed in 2002 in Greece, even though the first song created under the name Adolf plays the jazz was created in 1998 (it’s “Frank Zappa needs haircut”, which was later included in the Muzzle the birds EP).

2005 marks the first official release, cognac or brandy ep. The style of music is influenced by the post-rock scene, albeit with some cinematic elements, which are made even more obvious through the use of samples or movie dialogues.

Their music has always been distributed for free and this will always be the case for Adolf plays the jazz. You can download all our stuff for free at http://adolfplaysthejazz.weebly.com/

Next, Muzzle the birds EP is released, which is a compilatons of previously unreleased songs written between 1998 and 2005 and in 2006 the first LP is released, titled Art Brokolo. It incorporates some heavier and more progressive elements, with an ever-present cinematic feel. During the same year, another compilation is released, featuring songs from all previous releases. Its title is Another slice ? and was handed out in the Red Sparowes concert in Athens that year.

2007 marks the release of Melt EP and day 4 | urban fiction part 1 which are both part of a tribute to life in the city, the latter being the first volume of a concept album, as suggested by its title. Melt EP features a more electronic/trip hop song structure, with heavier use of loops and samples.

Adolf plays the jazz have never had a specific line-up. Anyone who has been involved in our releases and activities in any way is considered a member of the band. Of course it’s not about a collective of any sort. Due to this line-up fluidity, Adolf plays the jazz have yet to perform live.

The terms post-rock and shoegaze might be the most appropriate to describe their music, but Adolf plays the jazz are influenced by everything they listen to, read or see…

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