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  • Avatar for SpeakInTounges
    drums are so good, I wanna drum version of the album
  • Avatar for Pajolero
    The drums prodcution on Buster is next fuckin level. All around fantastic record.
  • Avatar for DaddyHorror
    vocals are fucking awesome. wouldn't be a 10/10 band without them [2]
  • Avatar for iindierokkers
    vocals are fucking terrible. would be a 10/10 band without them
  • Avatar for futuregression
    The retardation is strong in this shoutbox.
  • Avatar for DisConduct
    BobFortune is a pretty reasonable fellow.
  • Avatar for GriendClub
    Маткор у них довольно унылый в своей вторичности выходил, а вот Buster конечно заебись, Buster - это то, благодаря чему их имя стало фактически нарицательным среди любителей сладжа.
  • Avatar for fdangerous
    wow... back in your cage.
  • Avatar for Stormfisk
    "Post Hardcore Sludge with Djent influence" sounds like bullshit to me. This has pretty much nothing to do with post-hardcore in the first place. Sludge, yes. Djent, not so much. Just because something is a bit technical doesn't make it Djent. It's sludge and nu metal. Get over yourselves and study some music theory you ignorant fools.
  • Avatar for Stormfisk
    Admiral Angry hardly wipes the floor with any artist other than maybe Today Is The Day. That's the gayest wannabe teen angst band that I've ever heard.
  • Avatar for BobFortune
    Funny how people relate music to genres based on their internal list of bands they know or are into. The Nu Metal influence you all seem to be going on about is probably the DJent influence which has roots in nu metal, and has been spoken about by them in interviews. If i was to relate them to any nu metal band based on my internal lists i would probably say Will Haven, but do these really sound like Korn ? I'm not so sure. They describe themselves as Post Hardcore Sludge with Djent influence. Which nails it for me. I can hear Daughters and Iron Monkey in them mixed with the kind of abrasive production and energy of punk.
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    Admiral wipes floor with 'better bands' that you are so fond of
  • Avatar for Stormfisk
    Very mediocre Nu metal band! I know tons of better bands than this. Glad they changed their style from the metrosexual screamo grindcore they had going on with the early EP though.
  • Avatar for EYEHATEMUSIC
    Heard "Albania" for the first time not too long ago, great stuff, definitely more interesting than "9/11... Only Worse".
  • Avatar for Schalkoholiker
    want buster on fucking vinyl!!! it's a beast of an album. in my opinion the best sludge album ever made.
  • Avatar for damnruckus
  • Avatar for pray_for_blood
    For fans of BSW & AA
  • Avatar for terra8incognita
    The tone on Buster is fucking immense.
  • Avatar for DrKKE
    total darkness in my ears!
  • Avatar for skeletonghost
    Yeah, buster kills it. Their sludge stuff is way better than their grindcore. They dun hit the (g)spot.
  • Avatar for iPowder
    buster never gets old. [2] \m/
  • Avatar for Jureiko
    so I'm not the only one thinking AA has something in common with nu metal
  • Avatar for retrograve
    buster never gets old.
  • Avatar for Doomdawn
    nice sound!
  • Avatar for subt3rfuge
    best band ever
  • Avatar for shredordead69
    If you like Admiral Angry, be sure to check out the new album "Dreamcrusher" by the band Wretches -
  • Avatar for zeth666
    awesome stuff
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    Yeah basically.
  • Avatar for pleymo
    Nu Metal.
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    New Wave Of American Nu Metal.
  • Avatar for hazebass7
  • Avatar for fdangerous
    stormfisk, ride your bmx bike off a fjord.
  • Avatar for Hordakk666
  • Avatar for Schalkoholiker
    Buster is my favorite sludge album eveeeer <3
  • Avatar for Savuron
    people kill Jesus. don't trust them
  • Avatar for davidwatsonjr
    people call me "Admiral Angry"
  • Avatar for Haxlol
    worst shoutbox ever
  • Avatar for Jayden_Patuckie
    Hey) Nice stuff here!) Check out my friends' math\exp band) [artist]The Hysteria[/artist] If you like 'em, feel free to share it with friends!) Thx a lot for attention) ;D
  • Avatar for pleymo
    to me it's all just ultra-boring nu metal...
  • Avatar for pleymo
    by the way, am i the only one who thinks "9/11…Only Worse" is an incredibly fucking stupid name for an EP title?!
  • Avatar for pleymo
    I agree with Stormfisk, ZaZalord, Velvet_Myx, Lordping and NautilusMattila.
  • Avatar for fdangerous
    ..........the fuck?
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    These guys would sound so awesome if Ross Robinson produced their albums.
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    Yeah totally!
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    I can hear a Downthesun influence in the vocals.
  • Avatar for leighdobson
    There is definitely a nu metal influence here. Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    It's not like you even have much sludge in your charts, so how would you even know what sludge sounds like?
  • Avatar for Schalkoholiker
    wait wut? are we talking about the same band? WTH? This band is so awsome and impressive. For me just sludge nothing else.
  • Avatar for Velvet_Myx
    What do you mean?
  • Avatar for purplehazethc
    What the fuck is going on in this shoutbox?


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