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    11 Oct 2006, 04:59 by nikkiesays

  • yay music // it always tastes better

    6 Oct 2005, 07:45 by caffeinefree

    so, I'm listening to music, dying of lack of music, especially this not-having-an-mp3-player thing, and still going off a CD player. HI LACK OF SPACE/LACK OF BATTERIES for backpacking.
    I had ONE CD I could take with me from Vina del Mar to Peru for the 12 days, so I chose Switchfoot's newest album, Nothing Is Sound. I left on a wednesday, and it came out the day before. wonderful.
    Currently, I'm listening to Barlow Girl, David Crowder Band, and Adam Watts. All kinda in the cool Christian genre.
    Tomorrow I leave for Concepcion with Stephanie, and I'm thinking I'll be bringing a mix that includes worship and linkin park.