• Rent

    10 Oct 2007, 06:20 by darkangel1795

    So if any of you reading this have not seen the movie Rent, that came out in 2005, you will not be interested. I recently was able to come across a copy of this movie for 7 bucks. And by far it has become my favorite movie. The plot is a beautifully tragic one. The race to find love before disease takes over and kills you and your love. I just got the 2 disc soundtrack from FYE today and it is amazing. Yes it is the same thing as watching the movie you might be saying. But I don't care. It is fantastic. The songs are so heartfelt and sang with love, hate, misery. There is pain, anguish and love in every word.

    Now my favorite character by far has to be Roger. He is played by Adam Pascal. He is the original Roger from the 1996 release of Rent. His voice is beautiful. And no comparison to any voice that is out there right now. I am a HIM fan, and love the Venus Doom CD. But I have not played a single track from it today. I usually play it all day everyday. But today it has been Rent. …