• Sled (Ex-Assfactor 4, etc)

    21 Feb 2008, 18:16 by Sapila

    Received their demo CD-R just a couple of hours ago. Was I impressed from what I heard. Holy shit.

    This CD is definately the best new thing I've heard in a while (aka a year or two) by an active band, besides the of Montreal album. this was recorded almost a year ago (March 2007 at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC), and was released in december 2007.

    What's more, Sled, features members of Assfactor 4 (awesome), Unherd (awesome), Tonka (incredible, one of my favorite SC bands) & Necrocide (sucks). If you've heard of these bands, you will probably have very high expectations, and that's not bad. In this case, I couldn't be more satisfied.

    Anyway, my shitty english just can't describe the quality of the music. It's modern hardcore that often reminds me of Strike Anywhere, Death Before Dishonor, Murder-Suicide Pact & Acrostix (maybe I should listen to more modern hardcore? because these bands kind of suck; this is GOOD), but has that NC/SC feel…