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Acoustic Collabo (어쿠스틱 콜라보) is a Korean Indie group who started in 2010. They consist of 2 members, a male gitarist and a female singer. They have made a name in K-Indie but most Korean music fans do not know of these two. Their music is very calming.


Kim Seung Jae (김승재) (He's the male)
Position: Guitare
Date of Birth: 24/06/1987

An Da Eun (안다은) (Female)
Position: Vocal
Date of birth: 12/12/1992

——1st Mini Album 'Love is the Key' (03/11/2010)
——1st Maxi Single 'Valentine makes sweet love' (26/01/2011)
——2nd Maxi Single 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' (26/08/2011)
——1st Album 'Unplugged' (10/10/2011)
——- album 'Love Letter' (2012)

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