• My Music Year - 2008

    27 Dec 2008, 22:50 by MurderCapital

    My music year of 2008 and some short thoughts on the releases. Don't agree? I respect that, just don't start bitching about it, make your own list.

    Fight - K5: The War Of Words Demos / Into The Pit
    Two new old releases from Rob Halford's old band Fight saw the light of day this year. First a album with demos from "The War of Words" demo sessions and then a boxset containing the bands two albums, the "Mutations" EP and a DVD with live footage. The boxset is a good release (especially since the albums are out of print) but can someone tell me why the "K5: The War Of Words Demos" had to be a separate release and not be featured on the boxset? And what about the rare "Christmas Ride" single? Why isn't that one feature on there? A good boxset release, but it could have been better.

    Kottonmouth Kings - The Green Album / Greatest Highs
    In my opinion "The Green Album" is the best Kottonmouth Kings album in a long time, it has several good songs. …