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  • Avatar for Chingy314
  • Avatar for SirSpliff420-
    Starvation 2 thoooo (fire emojis)
  • Avatar for M-Langford89
    Hood Nation!!!
  • Avatar for lxlmandudelxl
    lord have mercy all I wanted was a beamer
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów Ace Hood
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    New song with Skepta is a banger.
  • Avatar for OG-Gurda
    'Why' is his best song and one of the best new-southern rap tunes as well. Bugatti is one of the worst rap songs in history.
  • Avatar for MarliQQ
    Get in your car turn up the bass and put on "Jamaica" and you will thank Ace for letting you be "gangsta" for 4 minutes...
  • Avatar for kwayne16
  • Avatar for HugoDalton
    S3 Dope as Fuck
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    #S3 on u fuck niqqaz!
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    Damn his mixtapes always so much better than his albums. lovin this shit. thanks hood
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    Rap Game Beast is back. #FYFR
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    Get Money featuring Rick Ross is the catchiest thing ever produced.
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    Can't wait till #S3 crash tha streetz..
  • Avatar for thehatchet777
    another statistic
  • Avatar for betoonking
    This dude is the Jaime Kennedy of rap.
  • Avatar for AnthonyLF1025
    new album is great for what it's meant for, fuck the hate.
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    honestly i love ace hood but he has released atleast 4-5 mixtapes that i enjoy more than the latest album :/ idk why his albums dont match the tapes in quality in my opinion... its still not bad just nothing great, his latest Starvation 2 blows this away imo. not hatin, ace is consistent this just didnt deliver for me, on listen one at least...
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    One of the best albums of the year, as expected.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    I remember French Montana said, "Don't pray for me, pray for the weak". So why does he ask somebody to pray for him? lol
  • Avatar for Yarchini
    Somebody Pray For Me
  • Avatar for Hate_Worldwide
    T&T is dope! [2] Bugatti (Remix) is da fukken banger
  • Avatar for ghettobastard0
    T&T is dope!
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    The album is mediocre at best.
  • Avatar for mlleblondeh
    TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for TaylorGangJetss
  • Avatar for oderintvdum
    ACE HOOD ! my nigga [2]
  • Avatar for PWNdestroyPWN
    I haven't been too impressed with his albums since his debut (which was great for a debut), although his mixtapes are a different story. His album's shaping up to be good though.
  • Avatar for gomesilva
  • Avatar for PuffPuffPassed
    Ain't nobody on Ace's level!
  • Avatar for youmynigga
    ACE HOOD ! my nigga
  • Avatar for TaylorGangJetss
    @mraudico yes, trials & tribulation july 16th! bugatti is killin it right now, hope he can keep this momentum going with another new single soon
  • Avatar for Lextasys
    Not my style, but the Bugatti song is great!
  • Avatar for Meloman182
  • Avatar for MrAudico
    I think Body Bag Vol 2 is his best work. Also, i'm excited to hear the new album. July 16, right?
  • Avatar for FabianR1
    Future killed Bugatti with his hook, period. [2]
  • Avatar for ninetythreeTIL
    das on my momma
  • Avatar for Tairantino
    Starvation II is fucking nice [2]
  • Avatar for kiriyama228
    Niggas need to quit hatin' on Ace Hood... bet your favorite rapper has bit this dude's flow several times over.
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    V ой да не физди.
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    This dude has absolutely no personality :( [2] Riiiight
  • Avatar for ChelseaSmile95
    Future killed Bugatti with his hook, period.
  • Avatar for Hate_Worldwide
    Bugatti goes so hard
  • Avatar for EpidemiKKK
    Good stuff to not take seriously and to bump while you cruise in the car, pretty typical though.
  • Avatar for YoungMuser vote up. Dat default pic is weak.
  • Avatar for YoungMuser
    Nuh, mane, he's 1 of da best rappers alive.
  • Avatar for Yeah_Brah
    This dude has absolutely no personality :(
  • Avatar for mightyscooop
    Starvation II is fucking nice
  • Avatar for GeorgeDrucsen
    Review: [url=]Ace Hood – Starvation II[/url] [7/10]


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