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  1. Continuance is made up of previous members of Saints Never Surrender and Means and aims to continue in much the same direction as both.…




    Karsten -…

  3. Hardcore coming from Sacramento, CA.

  4. Melodic hardcore band from united states
    5 piece Melodic-Hardcore band from the Chicago-land area. Formed in 2008 under the name of Cadence,…

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  6. Behold the Messenger is a metalcore band from Columbia, SC. The current members are Hayden Graham(vocals), Jonathan Warf(guitar), Grant…

  7. There are 4 bands called Harbours:

    1.HARBOURS are a hardcore band from Canterbury, UK

  8. After the release of 'Colder' in 2010, Midnight Souls has been playing shows non stop. Playing nearly 50 shows, the band started making a name for…

  9. PERSIST! were a hardcore punk band from western Sydney


    Pete Jackson
    Brad Teodoruk
    Felipe Gonzalez
    Mark Beavan
    Sean Alves

  10. There are two bands named IronWill:

    1) Hardcore band from USA.
    2) Oi/hatecore band from USA.

    1) Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, IRONWILL have grown…

  11. A now defunct hardcore band from Portland, Oregon, USA. Released a two song demo in 2008 and an EP titled 'Reveille' in 2010. Listed bands like…

  12. A band from Wales. Formed in 2007. Metal/Hardcore.


  13. Coen - Vocals
    Jay - Guitar
    Billy - Guitar/Vocals
    Jerome - Bass
    Chapman - Drums

    Very passionate melodic hardcore band from brisbane.

    Download the…

  14. 1. Way Down is a german hardcoreband. Fans of Killing The Dream should check this band out.

    2.Way Down was a…

  15. In a short two years West Melbourne band Distant Wreck have become an integral part of Melbourne's quickly emerging "new blood". Having joined…

  16. There are two bands called Elders, one from Phoenix and one that stole their name from the one from Phoenix.

    1. Negative Phoenix hardcore. Blind…

  17. A 5-piece Melodic Hardcore from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. Has several releases on Words Of War & Goodwill Records. Done a few tours in…

  18. Almost Home were a hardcore 5-piece from Nottingham, UK. After releasing 8-track EP/LP "Closure" the band split in 2010, sharing their last show…

  19. There are few bands with this name:

    1. Psychobilly band from Ruma, Serbia.
    2. Melodic hardcore band from Melbourne.
    3. A hardcore band from…

  20. Melodic Hardcore/Punk from Cleveland.



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