• The ridiculous list of gigs I've attended

    18 Aug 2013, 14:42 by NecroZed

    This doesn't include the classical and jazz concerts, for no reason other than that I forgot and can't be bothered to renumber everything. A * denotes a band I played in.

    1 16/09/96 Jethro Tull -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    2 14/02/97 Suede + Mansun + Raissa -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    3 31/10/99 The Stranglers + Schindler - Sands Centre, Carlisle

    4 28/05/00 The Australian Pink Floyd - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

    5 15/07/00 Alice Cooper + 1 -City Hall, Newcastle

    6 19/07/00 Unknown Canadian bands -A field, Port Colborne

    7 08/09/00 Mel C + Tom Cat- Sands Centre, Carlisle

    8 27/09/00 Space + Shed 7 + The Bluetones + Animalhouse - Millennium Dome,London

    9 28/09/00 Bucks Fizz - The Venue, Canterbury

    10 28/10/00 Some industrial band - Slimelight, London

    11 09/01/01 Nearvana - The Venue, Canterbury

    12 ??/01/01 Some UKC bands - Keynes JCR, Canterbury

    13 18/01/01 The Eighties Experience - The Venue, Canterbury

    14 20/02/01 Some death metal bands - Studio 41, Canterbury
  • Boom Bash: (Music and fun) So Loud It Hurts

    2 May 2008, 16:53 by clvngodess

    I'm not generally a metal fan. In fact, over the years I've wandered into other, stranger realms of sound, that while still loud are maybe a tad more eclectic. This is probably a reflection of what is going on inside that silly head of mine. (Hey, I heard that!)

    When you spend most of your time struggling just to get by, or stuggling just to keep your sanity in this god forsaken time in history, it's easy to forget what fun is all about. And I managed to allow myself to start to take this whole work ethic thing a little too seriously.

    So in the pursuit of happiness, I checked out Boom Bash 1 last month. Boom, aka Rick Steel, the drummer from Thirty Round Clip, asked me to come check it out. He was referred to me by another client for some p.r. stuff.

    And you know, I'm compelled to see a band that tells me, quite humbly, that they managed to get 86'd from from the Viper Room. Like it's a bad thing. (The story about that is apparently their music isn't, um, get this, nice enough. …
  • Metal Massacre Playlist from November 13, 2007

    14 Nov 2007, 14:25 by blackearth

    Another terrific night for Metal Massacre. I had a great time doing the show thanks to good friends, good beer and good tunes. Thanks to those of you who listened and made requests!

    The Everscathed - Shackled by Failure $5
    Gorefest - The War on Stupidity
    Machetazo - Potro de Tortura
    The Chasm - Reaching the Veil of Death
    Grave - I Need You (by request)
    Laaz Rockit - Fire in the Hole (by request)
    Protected Illusion - Children of the Chords free download
    Invocator - Through the Nether to the Sun
    Skitzo - Curse of the Phoenix $6
    GWAR - Crack the Egg (by request)
    Warbringer - Beneath the Waves free download
    Blood Tsunami - Evil Unleashed
    Dead Meat - Save Your Savior (by request)
    Hellwitch - Nosferatu
    Absolution - Armageddon
    Living Death - Horrible Infanticide (Part One)
    Ravensthorn - Chants of the Soulless
    Isengard - Naglfar (by request)
    Primitive Graven Image - Battleride $6
    Dawn - In the Depths of My Soul
    Unleashed - Unleashed (by request)