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  • The Death Pioneers: 1980's

    21 Nov 2008, 16:15 by FromHeartache

    Editors Introductory

    This guide is to educate other users which are into death metal but are either just into the new wave of death metal (so like slam death metal) or are just getting into this massive expansive genre. This will take you on a journey from the start to the end of Floridian death metal scene. All bands mentioned are worth the listen and also worth the odd CD buy to fit into your collection.

    The Odyssey

    The journey begins in the heart of Florida, the beating arteries of death metal. You may have heard of a lot of these bands, but everyone is deserved to have recognition with the start of the fourth phase (depending on the way you look at it) in the family tree.

    The first doesn’t come as a surprise. This is of course the legends Death who formed in 1984 with the general idea of trying to speed up the scene and also put in more deep vocals. These were of cause the death growl. This has obviously progressed over the years into a more guttural vocal sound. …
  • Weekly Edition: The Fourth Hysterectomy

    20 Nov 2008, 20:34 by FromHeartache

    Editors Introductory

    So, this thing is working well now, I can see the big differences from the pre-weekly editions group charts to how they look today. Still a few anomalies here and there but these will be squeezed to the last one after these artists below pound your ears!

    This time just the artists below, haven’t had tiem to put anything up. But next week I might do something extra like a poll or something. Also, any suggests for names for the weekly editions would be fantastic. Eg. The Fifth Atrocity etc.

    Week Main Listening: 23rd – 30th November

    Fourth Edition

    1) Defeated Sanity , You all know this band by now. The Prelude to Tragedy the first and full most, most epically produced guttural slamming death you could hear, with that living up to their name again with an album which blew my mind. That is indeed “Pslams of the Moribund”, this album slams, pounds, blasts and thrash riffs all the way down to a nail. Markus Keller was a bit dry with his vocals but now they have got rid of him…
  • The Weekly Edition: The Third Misconception

    15 Nov 2008, 12:18 by FromHeartache

    Editors Introductory

    As I always try to spice things up in my articles, this week I will also do a list of favourite albums that I have had the pleasure listening to! This will probably be new bands to all of you unless you are more into slam than me!

    Now, there are troubles with the old working of this weekly edition, users are listening to the bands recommended and are downloading at least one album (if they have one). However, some users (because of the uproar of members recently) are listening to very odd things. I have had thrash, Deathcore, nu-metal and even pop…cropping up on the old group charts. Now, I am the one of ‘yeah listen to what you want’ but I don’t expect certain groups in thrash to be top of the weekly chart in a slam death metal group! Come on guys, listen to slam! Well at least more than Waking the Cadaver (which is now brutal Deathcore not slam.).

    Anyway, this listening week is: 16th – 23rd November!

    Get downloading / picking out these bands below to play all week!
  • Japanese Bands I cannot find on the internet...somebody up these please

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