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  • Avatar for pukirocks
    i miss them
  • Avatar for HatingLike17
    this band is so fucking underrated
  • Avatar for LizaBot
    great band! wish they released something new.
  • Avatar for Saveren
    I have a version of the song Stay Still that have a outroduction, a final part that I can't find the lyrics anywhere. All lyrics I found end before this part. Can someone help me with this? I can upload the music if necessary.
  • Avatar for bernardofh
  • Avatar for Razorskillz
    I think this would be a really good Profile Pic for them :
  • Avatar for Coberholt
    such a shame that it seems like they're not around anymore
  • Avatar for XMagicanX
    I've even written to some band members on myspace, but no reply :E
  • Avatar for maioides
    Just heard, they're awsome :)
  • Avatar for ReaLFuN
    This band is so inspirational to me :) i wish they were more famous..[2]
  • Avatar for squirreltakos
    I would pay 3x as much for some new material. Does anyone know if they're working on anything? It's been like 5 years...
  • Avatar for AbsoluteKaoss
    This band is so inspirational to me :) i wish they were more famous..
  • Avatar for san_alberto
    AC es una banda excelente!!!!
  • Avatar for Coberholt
    I got into you guys from Saint's Row. Best part of the game, by far.
  • Avatar for ReaLFuN
    Amazing voice, amazing song's!
  • Avatar for lbjkurono23
    @XMagicanX I know how you feel :/
  • Avatar for Baeblemusic1
    Back in '06 Aberdeen City played the Bowery Ballroom NYC. We were there. Watch the set here:
  • Avatar for Luc1d
    great band! pretty pet is an amazing song. their misfortunes are no doubt our luck (:
  • Avatar for sucha-pyt
    son barbaros
  • Avatar for StewartIsMe
    Pretty pet is by far the best song I've heard in a long time!
  • Avatar for raulv
    really nice music
  • Avatar for Fosster3567
    I hope they release some new stuff soon.
  • Avatar for enjoyingincubus
    My new favorite band. I hope they come out with some new material asap.
  • Avatar for padz_man91
    the bio, NO WAy hahaha.XD
  • Avatar for wnc
  • Avatar for keridabum
    This band is so awesome, it's ridiculous that pretty much no one knows who they are. And their bio rocks.
  • Avatar for ForMiles
    much better band than i expected.
  • Avatar for StrayFire12
    awesome band!
  • Avatar for leovillas
    AHAHHAHA i read it now!
  • Avatar for ali_c
    Hahaha whoever wrote that... nice. His dog combusted, lol.
  • Avatar for iwilllieawake
    haha the bio is hilarious
  • Avatar for leovillas
    damn, now i wanna see the bio, but, NO BIO :{
  • Avatar for PureSophist
    Is the bio true? lol'd
  • Avatar for Terrasidius
    Are they actually from Aberdeen? lol
  • Avatar for innovativename
    nice band... but the bio, no way :D
  • Avatar for JoshyBlue
    I'm digging this God Is Going.. ... just heard it for the first time on this here radio.
  • Avatar for jputerka
    hey doesn´t the God Is Gonna Get Sick Of Me sound somehow like something from The Killers? I can´t remember the exact song but it is very simillar.
  • Avatar for BTV
    Want some truth on aberdeen city? Check out their bio video at -
  • Avatar for Immortaliss
    Hadnt heard of these before a couple of months ago when i played Saints Row on the 360 n heard this song on 1 of the radio stations fuckin rocks! i love it!......I've heard of a few of there stuff since then as well n thats pretty damn gd too! Slightly strange but intesresting bio! lol
  • Avatar for alik1986
    AHAHAHHAHA...that bio is pretty much awesome...
  • Avatar for Tim_muse
    Sixty Lives _0_
  • Avatar for FooledBySecrecy please join! :)
  • Avatar for sthenige
    i love this band... and i love how their bio is complete bullshit.
  • Avatar for ForMiles
    that band bio cant be true...but it sure makes a great story.
  • Avatar for MacTonight
    Nice music
  • Avatar for PorchWhistler
    Haha, is the Wiki true? Anyway, great music.
  • Avatar for tremulant_1
    your song god... is sweet on the winter x games commercial.....
  • Avatar for Grizz
    That bio has got to be bullshit
  • Avatar for cheesy_poofs
    incredible live performance
  • Avatar for platypus_venom
    lol nice wiki


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