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  • Avatar for edubbwitthevdub
    Is this the same artist that has the acoustic instrumental guitar albums? Or are there 2 Aaron Lewis'?
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Haha you fucked up singing Murica's national anthem! Hahahahaha like I really care? Way to go! Whatever! :P
  • Avatar for FeistyCadavR
    It's just an old double barrel 12, the stock is cracked and it kicks like hell, wouldn't mean what it means to me to no one. I can still hear his voice when I put it to my shoulder, a gun is like a woman son it's all how you hold her. taught me a whole lot more than how to hunt.
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    |vicious circles| amazing ༼≖ɷ≖༽
  • Avatar for Beatnik24
    Awful. The playing and singing is decent, but the lyrics and message is just plain awful. How do you go from Staind to embracing the redneck population and re-branding yourself as one?
  • Avatar for LalaLand88
    That's love.
  • Avatar for Chenzana
    great lyrics, great voice
  • Avatar for JoeDefoe
    The Road is nice! :]
  • Avatar for SynTecH-X
    Country Boy=Nickelback - "Rock Star" parody? :D
  • Avatar for conker417
    lyrics are gold
  • Avatar for LibertineLA
    Aaron the best!!!
  • Avatar for kayleerockgrl
    Your voice is so similar to my other favorite band Signum A.D. both favorites really! ROCK!
  • Avatar for springbokgirlie
    Love you Aaron xx
  • Avatar for hsxeric
    Not a fan of country, but I at least understand it. however, this stuff of Aaron's is just plain cheesy.
  • Avatar for WickedWillyMuse
    Hello, we're [artist]Wicked Willy[/artist], and we invite you to hear the "dark side" of singer-songwriter music! Please give a listen to our new album at: -Thanks so much for your support & let us know what you think of the songs! [track artist=Wicked Willy]Too Late[/track]
  • Avatar for bufftbone
    Details of the new Staind album have been released. It appears besides the normal and deluxe editions of the album, there will be a die hard fan version which contains a vile of Aaron Lewis's tears he cried while singing the album in the studio. This extremely limited edition copy is limited to just 1,500,000 copies so make sure you get your preorder in with Best Buy.
  • Avatar for JH26111986
    its wrong "Country Boy " and the album "Town Line" are from aaron lewis of staind the "Aaron Lewis" with the album "Gemini" and "Meander on a Smoky Tuesday" was an other artist the profil of "Aaron Lewis" was here please do it correctly on profils thanks have fun ....
  • Avatar for angel_clipped
    I've always wanted more acoustic Aaron solo songs, but much as i love country, it doesn't suit him. The songs almost seem ruined when steel guitars etc pop in. just him, percussion and his acoustic guitar is all he needs.
  • Avatar for LaLagoodnight
    I rarely drink from the bottle, but I'll smoke a little weed <3
  • Avatar for jbrew387
    always love your music Aaron since break the cycle came out is Staind was my first concert i been too y'all was with Hinder Blackstone Cherry, Breaking Benjamin ,Three Days Grace in Raleigh NC i seen all y'all for 25 bucks. Cant wait till you come back to NC i will find a way to go see you
  • Avatar for abourquin
    I've loved the song country boy since I first heard it. Just downloaded the rest of the album and gotta say I love it. Including all three versions of Country Boy. This album will get a lot of listens from me.
  • Avatar for Trotters
    Read my full review of Aaron Lewis's 'Town Line' here: [url][/url]
  • Avatar for roger51_99
    This song Country Boy by Aaron Lewis I feel brings out the sprit , soul and patriotism that is inside us all. Dosen't matter if your from the city or country or black or white. And the Don't tred on me , we all should be willing to stand for whats right in this country . Aaron if you ever read this thank you for doing this song , If you ever get to K.C., Mo. I will buy you cup of coffee or a beer , or take you out to shoot some cool guns. God Bless, Roger ,Patriot
  • Avatar for mascaro
    Town Line is a great album. Wish it was a full length LP instead of an EP though. [4]
  • Avatar for Maurice-FR
    Town Line is a great album. Wish it was a full length LP instead of an EP though. [3]
  • Avatar for streetdate
  • Avatar for Rainyel
    Town Line is a great album. Wish it was a full length LP instead of an EP though. [2]
  • Avatar for Rainyel
    So strange to see him singing country music...!
  • Avatar for catcole8489
    Ready for March already! Town Line will be amazing ❤
  • Avatar for kusumoto
    No country garbage with Staind OK Aaron? Keep that crap to your solo act.
  • Avatar for karon1821
    <3 Country Man. Really good song, can't wait for the album! ^_^
  • Avatar for PendulousLight
    This man is God.
  • Avatar for Maurice-FR
    When he gets solo to Holland??
  • Avatar for esca8652
    DAMN i want to go see him so bad on the march 25th, can someone work my shift for me :)
  • Avatar for banchy85
    the new single he has out is called "Country Boy". i saw him last night live at mohegan sun and he said its gonna be the first single off his solo record.
  • Avatar for Abbeyb37
    Those bands above are related to Aaron Lewis off Staind, who does play staind/self composed songs acoustically...
  • Avatar for ledzep_dk
    Dont really know why the similar artists are those bands, as its all acoustic and he doesn't sing in his solo work
  • Avatar for xmushabooom
    i heard he has a new single out.. any idea what it is ??
  • Avatar for miiiraaa
    when i want to cry i listen outside
  • Avatar for mentalshed
  • Avatar for Abbeyb37
    No wonder it's Staind.
  • Avatar for Abbeyb37
    I bet Aaron Lewis' is bigger.
  • Avatar for julio_jr
    he has a problem with his brain.
  • Avatar for Nahjiky
    What the fuck? What's wrong with his voice, failoutfag? It's fuckin amazing. You're just jealous.
  • Avatar for dragonoscurity
    il migliore
  • Avatar for Peps_edd
    Aaron Lewis the best voice!!!
  • Avatar for icecrasher
    IS THAT AARON LEWIS? This tracks cannot be written by him ;/
  • Avatar for WIEL-E-WAAL
    get sick of the acoustic thing, more staind please, faster louder and back to dysfunction.
  • Avatar for Abbeyb37
    Surely they should be put into different categories then...
  • Avatar for Abbeyb37
    What is this Gemini nonsense... REMOVE it!


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