• AXL - From Hell Garden

    25 Jul 2009, 08:10 by kadonoki

    作詞:Tokuei 作曲:ZUN 編曲:kuwacho

    Our favoriteis sweet cake. How does the cake?
    Let's spend happy time.Now you also.
    We like tea parties. How does the tea?
    Enjoy together!

    Ah it is here that the spider appears.
    But,even if the spider appears,we never flinch.
    Uh it is our unity power.
    Uh it is proof of our love.

    Our death or your death? We live or you live?
    Your hate will always be ruined.
    Our love or your hate? We smile or you please?
    Our love wins without fail.

    Ah the spider can't never defeat it to us.
    Uh we believe that it has infinite power.

    There for the spider wants you understand.
    It is foolish as for the confrontation to us.
    Even we might not have must interference in you.
    If it does so will it be so.

    Our death or your death? We live or you live?
    We want only to do the tea party.
    Our love or your hate? We smile or you please?
    we'll have a tea party by our love.
    Now it's time!

    Our favorite cup sand plates make the you bring it.
    Let's go the tea party. Now you also.
  • Song Of The Day - 23 Nov 2008: Sorry

    20 Jan 2009, 06:53 by sablespecter

    Guns N' Roses / Sorry / Chinese Democracy (9) / Nov 2008

    So. At 'tis. We've been waiting 15 years for it (the album, not this review*), or else 17 if you want to exclude an album of cover songs (The Spaghetti Incident?, which I don't cuz I liked some of it). Still, either way, I kind of agree with the PR for this album that says things like, "The Most Anticipated Album of All Time!" And for some of us, it has been. That doesn't necessarily mean it's been worth a wait of 15 years. (If saying that twice in one paragraph doesn't make you feel old, consider that Appetite for Destruction was released almost a generation ago...)

    In an "April 1st" column written by Chuck Klosterman in 2006 which I have pointed to more than once in the past, he says, "There is really only one way for Chinese Democracy to avoid utter and absolute failure: It needs to be the greatest rock album ever made. (dramatic pause) Chinese Democracy is not the greatest rock album ever made. …
  • US sodamaker begs Axl Rose to release new album

    29 Mar 2008, 01:09 by Milkshake8

    Thirsting for a Return to the and slithering ScreamS of Guns N' Roses Frontman , the Us Soft Drink Dr Pepper has begged him to release his oft-delayed new album this year.

    If he does, the auburn-locked '80-'90s rock icon and everyone else in America -- except two of his Estranged Guitarists -- will receive of the Syrupy Soda, the company said.

    "Tired of a world in which Americans Idolize and Musicals about High Schoolers pass as rock 'n roll music, is encouraging (OK, Begging) Axl Rose to Finally Release his , Chinese Democracy, in 2008," it said in a release on Wednesday.

    "In an unprecedented show of Solidarity with AXL, everyone in America, except estranged G N'R guitarists Slash and Buckethead, will receive a Free Can of Dr Pepper if the album ships some time -- anytime! -- in 2008."

    The sodamaker's marketing director Jaxie Alt said he…
  • Guns N' Roses! Guns N' Roses!

    24 Jul 2007, 08:36 by Jono_x

    I saw the Guns N' Roses, last week.
    It was marvelous. I wasn't expecting that much.
    AXL appeared in front of me, I screamed loud and long.
    Never in my life did I expect such a gig.
    His voice is still great. For the first time in so long I cried at a show.
    He changed clothes for the zillionth time.
    I think he caught a cold in Japan. he blow one's nose with a kleenex over and over again!
    He scratched his back. during a "Don't Cry"

    It was after this concert, join one's friends in front of the Tokyo's Budokan.
    The day after.....It's party time!!!
    We all piled into the karaoke clubs.
    In crazy company with these people, I feel G.
    What a great tool the Internet is!
    and thanks to Axl, You've changed my way of thinking about things. What happened is........Of course you know.
  • "Listing" -- Giving myself a 10sec lead

    5 Nov 2006, 21:53 by axl

    Music obsessives have always been about "listing"... Fave all-time records (Beatles White). Top metal bands of the 80s (AXL dude). Best songs for a 1-hour makeout session (Needs considerable thought, but I might consider Tricky's Feed Me....hmmm....or any number of sappy Yo La Tengo tracks). The point being is that there are any number of reasons to compile one, but music geeks do it because we love it and frankly, we all consider ourselves a better authority than U when we make them.

    So...get ready for the onlaught of year-end 2006 music best-of lists. Blame Nick Hornby (and Cusak thereafter) for bringing these lists to everyone's attention with "High Fidelity." And oh yeah! Blame that Naptster kid too[1]. Listing-mania, however, has since taken an annoying turn now that everyone (well, lots of the tube people) have blogs[2]. Weblogs[3] come with the added bonus of "commenters" interjecting, pronouncing their own personal faves or flaming because the said…