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  1. Turn Of Mind is a metalcore band from Hungary originating in a small town called Páty in the greenbelt of Budapest. They are one of the most…


    The Silence Broken was founded in May of 2006 in Rochester, NY; they derived their band name from a…



    Daniel Gutierrez - vocals/guitar
    Eric Alvarez - bass
    julyWAR - guitar

  4. Band Members:
    Justin Jackson - Vocals
    Stephen Smithson - Bass
    Kyle Smithson - Guitar
    Cameron Sharp - Guitar
    Danny Carlton - Drums

    Ashes Eve is…

  5. Ark Peninsula was founded by Adamo Fiscella in early 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.

  6. Tiarah's new 2011 album titled Extinction Ceremony is available for free!!!
    Click HERE to download from DropBox

    For more info and song downloads…

  7. Montia started in June 2005 in the Kansas City music scene. After playing numerous shows in Kansas City, Montia has envigorated and captivated…

  8. Band members:
    Eric Hess - vocals / storytelling
    Dean Johnson - music / sceneries

    Dawn Lights is a studio project born out of the love of music.…

  9. Subscribe is a six-piece progressive metal band from Budapest, Hungary. Their music is a rich variegation of all kinds of music styles. Progressive…

  10. Jasper James – Vox/Guitar
    LauraDoll – Bass/Backing Vox
    Mike Paterson – Drums

    In My Coma is the brainchild of vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Jasper…

  11. Dimidium is a melodic metal band out of Morgan Hill, CA that brings heavy riffs, pounding drums and powerful vocals. They have been playing shows…

  12. Zamia began in 2002 in Northfield, MA with founding member Ruslan Sopromadze. In 2009 Jeff Demers, and Jared M. Duff joined the band and they…

  13. Members:

    Jonathan Voges: Vocals
    Paul Meister: Drums
    Donovan Leighton: Bass
    Tim Rosenberg: Guitar
    Cody Holifield: Guitar

    In the summer of 2009,…

  14. Leaving Paris is:
    Benoît Richard - Vocals
    Geoffrey Dumon – Guitar
    Gilles Laurent – Drums
    Guillaume Tirel - Bass

    It's a One-way toward gliding…

  15. Band Members:


  16. Gli HOUSTON! nascono nel 2006 come progetto musicale hard rock formato da quattro ragazzi appena ventenni provenienti da diverse esperienze…

  17. In the summer of 2001, Stephen Nettles(vocals) and David Torres(guitar) found themselves without a band. Their previous group, Bottled Fusion, had…

  18. Formed in 2007 in Atlanta , Ga , Last Red Ransom is comprised of three members:
    Charlotte Kelli (lead vocals, keyboard, guitar, and programming),…

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