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AVTechNO! (Momo'n'ga-Jump!) started making and uploading music to NND in 2008. His name is an abbreviation of "ADVANCE TECH NO!" which is explained by himself as "My skill now is not enough, so I want to advance it more and more…" Now he is known as one of the most active vocaloid producers, with a total of 113 songs, 3 albums, 22 singles and 5 maxi singles released on KarenT. His specialty is mainly and , but he's also good at composing ballads.

AVTechNO!'s most famous song is DYE and this song can also be the representation of his music style : upbeat, well-mixed and well-arranged, while emphasizing the excellent background music which is a great combination of drum and synthesizer, with certain build-up, climax and falling. That doesn't mean the vocals are drowned out; on the contrary AVTechNO! is also famous for his great vocal tuning.

Mainly using Miku for his works, he always makes her voice blend perfectly with the music, even sound quite real and emotional (although there are still some small strained parts, but he's managed to improve them in later songs). His Luka is also greatly tuned in a very unique way that amazingly fits the electronic rhythms. The Kagamine twins as well as Gumi's voices are smooth and easy to listen too. His lyrics are often deep and meaningful, and tell about self conflicts, searching for self-concept and freedom as well as a reflection of one’s relationship with other people.

Besides techno he also loves calm, gentle melodies and has made many ballads. These songs are often beautiful piano tunes with sweet lyrics, mostly about the happy and sad feelings being in love. Some of them have really nice jazzy influences. He also likes to include background sounds that delicately fit the theme in his songs.

He is a member of Project "EATA", and often collaborates with Treow and his circle ELECTROCUTICA. He also holds broadcasts at ustream.tv, usually making music, singing/playing guitar or simply chatting.

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