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Aushvitz, apparently named after the Polish town (Auschwitz is the German name for the nearby town of Oświęcim) which was the largest of the Nazi German extermination camps, is an indies band that seems to be on a break right now. It’s very hard to put a label on Aushvitz, simply because most of their songs sound different from each other. In general, the majority of their songs are best classified as metal, however, they also produce… read more

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  • @ Arklem: maybe you're a joke too. :3
  • the band name is kinda joke or what?
  • just read the jame interview with syu from aushvitz/spinalchord... he explains everything. thank you.
  • I do think so @XPEHBAM.
  • I do not think so @XPEHBAM.
  • Is there anyone who knows where I could find koi yabure, suibotsu lyrics?
  • I like this band's music, I must say. I love Syu's guitar style from Animetal and Galneryus, and this little band here is quite cool too. Good to hear Syu playing different stuff and valorising his own vocals and grunts. Still, I think they could have chosen a better name; I'm absolutely sure that it wasn't meant as pro-Nazi (more probably it was supposed to be anti-nazi, judging by what Syu himself said about this), still most people don't realise and get the name "Aushvitz" as meaning exactly the opposite. I don't think someone who, in Galneryus, wrote about the epic Rebellion of the people in a whole land to overthrow an evil dictatorship by Struggling for Freedom under a Rebel Flag to bring forth Vengeance and Justice could possibly EVER be pro-nazi. XD
  • @ The_Night_Head: what are ou talking about? just because own band named AUSHVITZ or Adolf or something they aren't Nazis! Syu (the singer from AUSHVITZ) told in an interview that this name was just supposed to commemorate this tragedy. and the band already changed their name into SPINALCORD. its really ususal for the visual kei scene to play around with Third Reich-stuff. the singer from Dir en grey went on stage with that "Arbeit macht frei"-banner or wear svastika-symbols. a lot of bands do this stuff without being Nazis! so think first before you write down those things.
  • i think the name-change is really coward. they where now nazi-band. Syu just wanted to make a remembrance with this band. stupid asses who think this is a nazi-band. but maybe it was not so clever to pick this name because they never can tour through europe or something like that. the new name is fucking boring. some visual kei bands have better names... but i still like the music. its great!
  • This is AWESOME! But I don't get the people who tag them as visual kei, j-rock etcetc... I think they're definetily thrash metal.

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