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1- Atrium was an Italo-Disco project-alias created by Giorgio Conti. Several artist put their voices on the songs by Atrium such as Giacarlo Pasquini, Gino Caria and Claudio Magnani.
Musical Team: Giacomo Maiolini, S. Dall'Ora and Laurent. G. Newfield.
Singles: "Funny Dancer", "Going Crazy", Over & Over", "Dr. Jeckyll", "Week-End" or "Jolly Dancer".

2- Atrium are a rock/alternative band hailing from Northern Virginia.

Emily Allen (bass/vocals), Paul Ward (guitar/vocals), Chris Suter (guitar), and Taylor Stalfort (drums).

3- Atrium are a 5-piece metal/experimental band from the East Coast of Fife.

Dillan Mann - Drums
Liam Bell - Guitar
Martin Snoddy - Vocals
Jordan Collen - Bass
Kenny Baird - Guitar (temp)

4- Atrium is a krautrock German band which recorded a sole album in 1979, Color Seed.

Ede Janson
Uli Krug
Stefan Leidig
Paul Schütt
Wolfgang Steiger
Michael Weil

5- Atrium were a rock/alternative band from Adelaide, Australia, in the late 90's.

Members: Joe Byrnes (voc/guitar), Joshua Lamont (bass/voc), Ben Meinl (drums)

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