• Need Some More Male R&B Groups Out There

    9 Jun 2007, 17:16 by Di-chy

    Recently I've been happy because a lot of male R&B singers stay successful with quality music, which is exactly what R&B is supposed to be. Each of the latest releases from major R&B artists, such as Musiq, Marques Houston, Tank and Joe, is very sophisticated, sensitive and lyrically melodious in the exactly opposite way of unmelodious crossovers like Crunk&B, and in addition to that, I've heard that they are all commercially successful as well.

    It seems that a large part of R&B artists are recalling the reasonable way to take hip-hop into their music, not trying to be dirty or bling but just making good soul music with a bit of street flavors. The wording "good soul music with a bit of street flavors" really reminds me of R&B from the early and mid '90s, when the "hip-hop soul" was at its hottest.

    But speaking of the '90s R&B, it's pretty sad for me to see that today there are just two male R&B groups that are contracted to major…